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Any help to finish some collections?

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  • Any help to finish some collections?

    Hello, here are some treasures I still need. I know they’re too many so any help would be really appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!!!

    If you need any other treasures from the following collections (I mean apart from the ones I need ) don’t hesitate to ask, I ‘ve got some spare.


    Feudal Japan
    Scroll painting of Ashikaga Takauji

    The Great Wave off Kanagawa
    Kencho-ji sanmon

    Wild West
    Tlingit totem pole

    Russian Empire
    statue of Catherine the Great
    12-pounder Gribeauval cannon

    Ancient Chinese
    Liubo set
    Lofty Mount Lu

    Ancient Romans
    Mosaic from the Villa Romana del Casale

    Khmer empire
    Indravarman I's white elephant


    Poster for the capture of Henry Every
    Samuel Bellamy's headband
    Copper engraving of Samuel Bellamy

    Victorian Era
    A copy of The Importance of Being Earnest

    Control panel
    Pegasus colt
    Super Mum's magic wand
    Sir Spider's suit


    Chinese New Year
    Chinese tiger
    Chinese sheep

    Santa Claus' Chinese hat
    Christmas ice skates

    Snow devil
    Santa Skull figurine
    Witch card
    Optical camouflage suit
    Wassail bowl
    Decorative Julbock
    Cup of festive hot chocolate
    Angel tree-topper
    Purse of marbles
    Cat-themed Christmas sweater
    Next-Gen gift list
    Santa Claus' pineapple
    Christmas tree apple

    Winning golden ticket

    French Speaking
    La Fayette

    Independence Day
    Quill pen of the Declaration of Independence
    Declaration of Independence statement

    World Peace Day
    Sweet bombs

    Labour Day
    Builder's hat
    Short suit
    Tablet towel

    Mardi Gras
    Butterfly mask

    Mother’s Day
    Polly's magic wand

    New World
    Turkey figurine

    New Year
    New Year champagne

    St Patrick’s Day
    Crown of Tír na nÓg
    Book of Kells

    TM Birthday
    Giant chandelier
    Alien slab
    Fairy Castle
    Statue of Make-make
    TM Museum staff balloon arch

    Valentine’s Day
    Love song
    Venus picture
    Iseult's golden hair
    Aimée's diary
    Ring of one way love
    Red long coat
    Wedding cake
    Wedding car
    Wedding dress
    Lucrezia Floriani
    Eva Perón's voting card
    Sonnet 116


    Andersen’s Fairy Tales
    Old Spanish duck's red flag
    Majestic swan
    Helichrysum essential oil
    Drawing of the little mermaid's garden
    Little tin heart

    Photograph of Al Gore
    Photograph of Natalie Portman

    Anna Karenina
    Gala dress

    Sketch of Da Vinci's flying machine

    Balloons Around the World
    JJ and the Cuties by Balloon
    Submarine hot air balloon
    Lana's aeronautic machine

    Miniature of a Flemish goose

    British Week
    Postcard of England

    Crazy Cartoons
    Oversized yellow sombrero
    Grandma's dress
    Hells Song

    Cult Bands
    A Hard Night's Day
    Freaky registration plate
    Fast Fashion's synth

    Cult Films
    Plush shark chair
    The Unsinkable's bell
    Signed 'Wanted' poster
    Blue convertible
    Scale model of a New Orleans streetcar

    Cult Video Games
    Duck suit
    Pair of pink sunglasses
    Car audio system kit

    Photograph of polska dancers
    Postcard of Rabjerg Mile

    Dream Treks
    Pair of mountaineering shoes
    On-board camera backpack
    Connected solar-powered tent
    High diving platform

    Fiesta Nacional de Espagna
    Dobla of Isabella and Ferdinand the Catholic
    Dish of paella
    Plate of tapas

    Golden Week

    Grandparents’ Day
    Antique doll

    Great Inventions
    Steam locomotive
    Self-digging excavator
    Colour television

    Postcard of Delphi
    The Iliad and the Odyssey

    Grimm’s Tales
    Illustration of a spinner
    Rampion bellflower

    Gulliver’s Travels
    Blefuscudian ship
    Shining stone

    Heroic Fantasy
    Light stone
    Ring of eternal wisdom
    Woman's beard
    Mountain's root armour

    Hispanic Heritage Week
    Coat of arms of Argentina
    Photograph of the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá


    Chemise dress


    Korean New Year
    Massage chair

    La Fontaine’s Fables
    The Tortoise's cup

    Madness Circus
    Circus cannon

    Mata Hari
    Photograph of Louise Jeanne MacLeod
    Page of an intelligence file on Mata Hari

    Monkey Madness
    Ballerina monkey
    Banana rocket
    Witch's apprentice's book
    Boomerang tiara
    Bamboo microphone boom pole

    Music Maestro
    String baryton
    Drawing of a Schubertiade
    Beethoven's tombstone
    Erda's ash tree
    Helmet of the Imperial Russian Navy
    Painting of a schooner

    New Year’s Prep
    Confetti whip
    Old fashioned clock

    Northern tales
    Grey mantle

    Paintings Alive
    Paul Gauguin's lover's pareo
    Drawing of Madeleine Knobloch
    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's cane
    Jules Breton's jacket
    Gustave Courbet's pipe
    Locket of Suzanne Manet
    Plush Loplop
    Joan Miró's dagger
    René Magritte's mirror
    Portrait of Alfred Sisley
    Miniature of the Bourbon Palace
    Portrait of Kitagawa Utamaro

    Peer Gynt
    Miniature of Haegstad Farm

    Perrault’s Tales
    Golden donkey dookie

    Peter Pan
    Mary's handkerchief

    Poems Alive
    William Yeats' glasses
    Flower of evil
    Masaoka Shiki's father's katana
    Alexander Pushkin's pistol
    Rabindranath Tagore's beard
    Train souvenir

    Robin Hood
    Map of Sherwood Forest
    Richard the Lionheart's helmet-crown

    Saint Nicholas
    Souvenir of St. Andrew of Crete

    Screen Stars
    Mysterious clock

    Shakespeare’s Plays
    Juliet's gown
    Prince Escalus' pair of scales
    Yorick's skull
    Mosaic of Pyramus and Thisbe

    Sherlock Holmes
    Black pipe

    Sri Lanka
    Theravada Buddha statue
    Sri Lankan sloth bear

    St George’s Day
    St George Killing the Dragon
    Wooden statue of St George
    Classical St George

    Syttende Mai
    Dragon figurehead
    Sami storehouse
    Northern minke whale
    Man's Buskerud bunad

    TM Holidays ‘17
    Flask of sand

    TM:The original treasure hunt
    Golden lily-of-the-valley
    Elizabeth Bishop's golden notebook

    Tales and Legends
    Genie lamp
    Fairy godmother wand
    Dark snake ring
    Morgan Le Fay's locket
    Colossal treasure chest
    How to Open Magic Caves
    Golden egg hen
    Captain Hook's hook
    Golden mirror
    Muisca raft

    The Adventures of Pinocchio
    Ghost of the Talking Cricket
    Drawing of the Blue Fairy

    The Great Gatsby
    Souvenir of Grizel Fitzgerald
    Amethyst skull
    Figurine of Daisy Buchanan

    The wizard of Oz
    Sparkling emerald
    Golden Cap

    Thomas Edison
    Edison's nickel-iron battery

    Nobleman's sword
    White lily

    Women’s Week
    Tuareg ornament
    Dagger and sheath

    World Architecture
    Bay window
    Great Mosque of Djenné
    Meenakshi Temple
    Old Tjikko
    Engraving of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    Al-Masjid al-Haram
    Machu Picchu

    World Music Day
    Sir Adams - I've Got a Lovely Bunch Of Watermelons
    DJ mixer
    Pair of disco pants
    Treasure Freshness deodorant
    Rocker teddy bear

    Adamic Games
    Beach volleyball net
    Indoor rower
    Glass fibre pole
    Tennis racket
    Weightlifting commemorative coin
    Steeplechase water jump
    BMX helmet

    Alien hitchhikers
    Sighted helmet
    Dragon creeper
    Faster-than-light bike

    April Fool’s Day
    Iceberg fool

    Australia Day
    Kangaroo mother and baby

    Canada Day
    Maple custard ice cream
    Pair of figure skating skates
    Complete Sam Browne belt

    Jurassic World
    Tranquilizer gun
    Pachycephalosaurus skull
    Camouflaged egg
    Diplodocus scarf
    Idol of Durga

    Sete de Septembro
    Xaxado outfit
    Blue poison dart frog

    South African Heritage Day
    Tamil bronze sculpture

    Wildlife reserve
    Sea wasp
    Amazon parrot

    Winter Rock festival
    Fire jumpsuit
    Black golden jumpsuit

    Special Edition
    French siproeta
    Miniscule wrestler
    Swinging sixties flag
    Backwards funerary mask
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    You successfully sent a Guandao to .

    You successfully sent a Map of West Africa to .

    Wave artifact
    You successfully sent a Souvenir of Machu Picchu to .

    You successfully sent a Victoria's Crown to .
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      You successfully sent a Scroll painting of Ashikaga Yoshiaki to .
      You successfully sent a Anna Pavlova's costume to .
      You successfully sent a Zhao Yun's jade tiger plaque to .
      You successfully sent a Dragon robe to .
      You successfully sent a Model of a Taoist shrine to .
      You successfully sent a Kunyu Wanguo Quantuto .
      You successfully sent a Drawing of Juraj Janosik to .
      You successfully sent a Map of West Africa to .
      You successfully sent a Wave artifact to .
      You successfully sent a Rusted coin from Ephesus to .
      You successfully sent a Souvenir of Machu Picchu to .
      You successfully sent a Souvenir of the water system in Machu Picchu to .
      You successfully sent a Victoria's Crown to .
      You successfully sent a Montreal International Jazz Festival to .
      You successfully sent a Millais' Ophelia to .
      You successfully sent a Coppola's hommage to .
      You successfully sent a A peculiar tea box to .

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        You successfully sent a Kamakura's Daibutsu to .
        You successfully sent a Statue of Nicholas I of Russia to .
        You successfully sent a Bust of Julius Caesar to .
        You successfully sent a Primitive sickle to .
        You successfully sent a Pile of moidores to .
        You successfully sent a Souvenir of the water system in Machu Picchuto .
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          You successfully sent a Victoria's secret perfume to .
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              You successfully sent a Witch card to
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                You successfully sent a Tablet towel to .
                You successfully sent a Polly's magic wand to .

                You successfully sent a Winning golden ticket to .
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                  You successfully sent a New Year champagne to .
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