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Hanging on to the end. My list..

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  • Hanging on to the end. My list..

    Trying to complete what I can before the game closes. Thanks in advance for checking. I will update and add to list as I can.


    Austrian Christmas carp
    Tiny bag

    Licence to infect

    World Peace Day
    Sweet bombs
    World Peace Flame
    Sadako Sasaki bust

    Labour Day
    Extinct languages dictionary

    New World
    Pilgrim male bear

    New Year
    Hong Kong greetings card
    Tokyo greetings card
    London greetings card

    TM Birthday
    Arnold and the Aliens
    The Guggenheim's helix
    TM Museum's statue

    Valentine's Day
    Painting of Tristan and Isolde
    Bowerbird in flight
    Photograph of the peaceful bonobo
    Photograph of the bonobo's tender kiss
    Photograph of the bonobo's laugh
    Photograph of a bonobo mom and her young
    Faithful swan necklace
    Black Swan, native name ''Mulgo''
    Swan family
    Illustration of swan sweethearts

    Anderson's Fairy Tales
    Artificial nightingale
    Porcelain palace miniature

    Drawing of Ono no Michikaze

    Crazy Cartoons
    Seducer bike

    Cult Bands
    Woodland drum kit
    Seth Dichards' hat

    Cult Films
    Dave Flinch's movie camera
    Signed 'Wanted' poster
    The Unsinkable cult scene
    Scale model of a New Orleans streetcar
    Suspense poster
    Black business suit
    Director's chair
    Photograph of a film projection

    Cult Video Games
    Alien X
    Super Maria swimsuit

    Day of German Unity
    Photograph of the Jasmund Peninsula

    Dream Treks
    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

    Geek Pride Day

    Great Inventions
    Steam locomotive

    Great Journalists
    Albert Londres Prize

    Heroic Fantasy
    Dwarven wagon
    Woman's beard
    Pair of earrings of power

    Postcard from Tanah Lot

    Montreal International Jazz Festival

    Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night

    La Fontaine's Fables
    The Frog's favourite drawing

    Legendary Singers
    White upright piano
    Queen of Soul souvenir
    Aunt Being costume
    Diamond record
    Souvenir of Destiny Carter
    Pair of bathroom scales
    Photograph of Elvira de Hidalgo
    Illustration of Norma

    Master of Science Fiction
    Fabian Society's emblem
    The Master of Science Fiction's sketchbook

    Master of Terror
    Area 616 scale model
    Tina the killer car
    Figurine of Balthazard Scrooge in his
    Black castle scale model
    Leg brace

    Mata Hari
    Photograph of Mata Hari in Amsterdam
    Edwardian-style tape lace dress
    Mata Hari's pair of phials
    Page of an intelligence file on Mata Hari
    Photograph of Norman-John and Rudolf MacLeod
    Statue of Mata Hari
    Cartridge of the game Mata Hari on Amstrad CPC
    Photograph of a performance of the ballet Mata Hari

    Photograph of the Fremont Solstice Parade
    Statue of Arash the Archer
    Photograph of a pallet-tower bonfire
    Photograph of the midsummer lanterns
    Photograph of the mountain fires

    Monkey Madness
    Banana-flavoured dummy
    Witch's apprentice's book
    Banana pistol
    Sheriff of the jungle's hat
    The Apexorcist
    The Tail
    Monkey megaphone
    Bamboo microphone boom pole
    Monkey reflector
    Monkey clapperboard

    Moroccan Throne Day
    Moroccan vase
    Art Deco villa
    Bou Inania Madrasa
    Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou

    Music Maestro
    Gilda's masculine outfit
    Leonora's poisoned ring
    Violetta Valéry's farewell letter
    Nabucco's crown
    Photograph of Jumbo
    Painting of a mermaid
    Painting of Hiawatha
    Miniature of the Vienna State Opera
    Joseph Haydn's tomb
    Joseph Haydn's portrait
    Vial of dragon blood
    Forgetfulness potion
    Wotan's spear
    Erda's ash tree
    Church of the Holy Spirit's bell
    Henri's locket
    Painting of Karl Alois, Prince Lichnowsky
    Engraving of Friedrich Melchior Grimm
    Bust of Joseph Stalin
    Commemorative coin of Romeo and Juliet
    Scheherazade's dress
    Figaro's razor
    Count Almaviva and Rosina's correspondence
    Portrait of Franz Schubert
    Mozart's fortepiano
    Idomeneo's crown of Crete
    Engraving of Gottfried van Swieten
    Painting of Giovanni Battista Martini
    Swan-shaped salt and pepper cellar
    Illustration of The Sunken Cathedral
    Painting of the sea
    Portrait of Achelous
    Ravel's collection of perfume
    Debussy's Japanese painting
    Debussy's frog-shaped trinket
    Ragtime poster
    Painting of the countryside
    Drawing of a witches' sabbath
    Drawing of the Cigarrenmechanik
    Psalm 150
    Aquatic painting
    Painting of a tortoise
    Contrabass trombone
    Wagner bell bassoon
    Wagner tuba
    Score of the Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major
    Score of the Great Mass in C minor
    Score of the Violin Concerto No. 3 in G major
    Score of the Symphony No. 41 in C major
    Conductor's music stand
    Conductor's sheet music
    Conductor's podium
    Conductor's vest
    Conductor's baton
    Painting of Nadezhda von Meck
    Photograph of The Five
    Photograph of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    Statuette of a baby bird
    Box of Japanese figurines
    Ancestral sword

    Mythical Forests
    Conical shaman hut
    Pou Whenua totem
    Red wood war canoe
    Photograph of the beech of Ponthus
    Petrified oak branch

    National Parks
    Abbott's starling
    Hawksbill sea turtle
    Saussurea flower
    Miniature of the Tsar's Palace
    Baird's tapir
    Photograph of Son Doong Cave
    Photograph of Tien Son Cave
    Galápagos penguin
    Galápagos giant tortoise
    Horsfield's tarsier
    Rhinoceros hornbill
    Lava geyser
    Set of Pele's tears
    Photograph of the virgin forest of Corkova Uvala
    Photograph of the Korana River
    Photograph of the Great Waterfall
    Spanish lynx
    Iberian imperial eagle
    Marbled newt
    Photograph of Yellowstone Lake
    Photograph of the Hayden Valley
    Photograph of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
    Photograph of the Grand Prismatic Spring
    Photograph of Old Faithful
    Miniature of a Neolithic burial site
    Set of ancient arrowheads
    Engraving of a sleeping gazelle
    Fragment of an ancient rock painting
    Photograph of Tassili n'Ajjer

    Postcard of Janakpur
    Photograph of Muktinath
    Watercolour of Pashupatinath
    Painting of Swayambhunath
    Miniature of Changu Narayan Temple

    New Year's Prep
    Musical bingo
    Modern tibetan bowl
    Time ball button
    Tv mixing table

    New York
    Souvenir of a ferry boat
    Masterpiece by Van Gogh
    Taxi boat
    Four little turtles from NY

    Nikola Tesla
    A massage kit
    A religious method
    An eeny tiny mini laser
    A copy of the latest TM Magazine issue
    A planet named after Tesla!
    A logo of a school named after him
    A portrait of a confident Tesla
    One of the many Tesla statues

    Northern tales
    Goatherd's arrow
    Lindworm skin
    Illustration of the kind witch's oak tree
    Yule porridge
    Fork and sausage
    The lazy woman's clothes
    Silver dish's cover
    Princess turned into stone
    The duck's egg
    Grey mantle
    Golden apple
    Illustration of the trapped ugly man

    Notting Hill Carnival
    Jewelled bat mask
    Steelpan and pair of sticks
    Pair of wings
    African shield
    Red-hot outfit
    Pimped up policeman jacket
    Calabash hat
    Jamaican patty
    Caribbean punch
    Bowl of rice and peas
    Jerk chicken skewer
    Snake float
    Jaguar float
    Lion bike
    Perched white mask
    Fire horse

    Saucepan and spoon
    Red broom

    Paintings Alive
    Villa Daumier's key
    René Magritte's pipe
    Las Hilanderas
    The Calling of Saint Matthew
    Light and Colour
    The Ninth Wave
    The Raft of the Medusa
    Portrait of Kitagawa Utamaro
    Flower Girl, 1903
    A Modern Olympia
    Mont Sainte-Victoire with Large Pine
    Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's strongbox
    Self-Portrait with Palette in Hand
    Gustave Courbet's pipe
    The Desperate Man
    Locket of Suzanne Manet
    Self-Portrait with Palette
    Salvador Dalí's ocelot's descendant
    Melting pocket watch
    The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer
    Portrait of the Artist
    Boulevard Montmartre, Spring Morning
    Torn Prussian war flag
    The Artist's Family
    Self-Portrait at the Age of Thirty-Five
    Impression, Sunrise
    Portrait of Claude Monet
    Satirical print
    Wanderer above the Sea of Fog
    Self-Portrait by Caspar David Friedrich
    Print of the Naruto whirlpools
    Print of a station of the Tokaido
    Carved woodblock
    Inked sheet of washi
    Print of Westerners
    Print of a bijin
    Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907
    Fulfilment, 1905
    Brücke bei Wiesen, 1926
    View of Basel and the Rhine, 1928
    Tour Eiffel, 1926
    Simultaneous Windows on the City, 1912
    Plush Loplop
    Max Ernst's chess set
    Pot of glue
    The Bridge at Moret
    Drawing of the Café Guerbois
    Small Union Jack
    Massacre of the Innocents
    Self-Portrait by Peter Paul Rubens
    Palazzi di Genova
    The Milkmaid
    Cup of natural ultramarine
    Map of Delft
    Miniature of the Bourbon Palace
    Self-Portrait with Green Jacket
    Album of Morocco
    Tiere in der Landschaft, 1914
    Drei Tiere, 1912
    Liegender Hund im Schnee, 1911
    Preliminary sketch for a poster from 1920
    Sketch of the Wolkenbügel from 1925
    Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge, 1919
    Vase of liquid gold
    Rotten fruit basket
    Knotted shovel
    Hungry treasure chest
    Woman with a Parrot
    The Stone Breakers
    The Kill of Deer
    The Painter's Studio
    A Burial at Ornans
    Tom Roberts's golden wattle branch
    Anna Boch's collection's painting
    Joaquín Sorolla's gold medal
    Max Liebermann's flag of Berlin
    Mary Cassatt's hat
    Deposition from the Cross by Pontormo
    Statue of Michelangelo
    Michelangelo's tomb
    Drawing of Michelangelo
    The Death of Sardanapalus
    Women of Algiers in Their Apartment
    Liberty Leading the People
    The Massacre at Chios
    The Barque of Dante
    Pictures of the Floating World
    The Sea, Three Symphonic Sketches for
    The Japanese Woman
    Tagosaku to Mokube no Tokyo-Kenbutsu
    Japanesery: Bridge in the Rain
    The Annunciation, 1914
    Ophelia, 1889
    Cleopatra, 1888
    Diogenes, 1882
    Miranda, 1875

    Peer Gynt
    Painting of a Norwegian fjord
    Pile of Trumpeterstrale's swedish steel
    Crown of the troll king
    Figurine of a little troll
    Straw crown of the crazy emperor
    Miniature of the Sphinx of Madness
    King Apis's sarcophagus
    Miniature of Haegstad Farm
    Solveig's pair of short heels
    Ingrid's bride robe
    Prophet's opal
    Prophet's beard
    Golden stirrup
    Emperor's sceptre
    Drawing of a wild ibex
    Icon of St Peter
    Painting of Soria Moria Castle
    Hymn book
    Âse's sled cat

    Perrault's Tales
    Big Bad Wolf's walking stick
    Hunter's fake fur jacket
    Young errand boy paraphernalia
    Fat round bird
    Clear sky dress with a thousand stars
    Golden donkey dookie

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    You successfully sent a Engraving of a nisse to .

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    You successfully sent a Painting of Hans Christian Andersen to

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      You successfully sent a Portrait of Suleiman Ito .
      You successfully sent a Gold coin of Suleiman Ito .
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        You successfully sent a Huge monument with THAT statue to .
        You successfully sent a Souvenir of Cervantesto .
        You successfully sent a Souvenir of Galatea to .


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          You successfully sent a Locket of the Comte de La Mole to .
          You successfully sent a Photograph of Alexandre Dumas to .
          You successfully sent a Alexandre Dumas's dictionary of cuisine to .

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            You successfully sent a California bear to .
            You successfully sent a Thursday Next's pet dodo to .

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              You successfully sent a Rebreather to .

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                  Thank you for the gifts. List updated .


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                          Still need to complete missions. I update my WL continuously
                          Need help with collections.
                          Please, keep my wishlist checked often
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