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12 Games of Christmas - 2014 Edition - Game 9 - JJ Likes 2

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    That's correct. When Kiefer is around next, he'll send out the last of the prizes for this game.

    Just a reminder that Game 8, Game 10 and Game 11 are still going. Also make sure you are subscribed to the New Contests Subscription Thread for Game 12 and all other new contests!
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    You, my dear, really underestimate my level of psycho. Keep going, I dare you.

    Originally posted by Kiefer
    Kiefer's Dwarfs Fact #3: If they can make a joke become reality, they will.


    A Contest for HP is currently running:
    Text Mach Challenge!


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      Originally posted by Girl Detective View Post
      Saturday JJ likes treasures with 12 letters in the title
      example: Parachute Bag (Bermuda Triangle series)
      Yes...congratulations on getting the last two!

      You successfully sent a Summer salad to Nancy.

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      I before E, except after C <wishlist
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