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Collecting Via Timeline - Posts not showing on the Timeline

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    Originally posted by **** momma View Post
    I do not have timeline and it still will not load. And last night I couldn`t get to all my maps. This is my favorite and longest played game and I`m going thru withdrawal, please get it fixed ASAP. Thank you.
    you should clear your cache and delete your flash player memory. After you have done that if you are still having issues please post in the I have a problem section.

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      I wish I never tried out Timeline. I preferred it the old way and now I can't go back. At least I can use the link to view TM only posts. Thanks for the link! It was so frustrating seeing notifications but not being able to find them :P
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        Communications with Kathy Jones:

        You got: 242 Gold Points Gold allows you to dig more by buying better equipment and supplies.

        Communications with Jason Ibberson:

        You sent: one item An item
        Please what did I receive ?? did I receive anything or did it get lost ????
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          the treasure chest with 1 item in it is normally a fruit basket that a team mate has sent to you other than that - can you please explain more about the problem that you are having please ??


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            today all TM post disappeared from my news feed. When I clicked this link << Treasure Madness news feed, it says there are no new posts. Can someone please help.

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              FB newsfeed


              Unfortunately, TM has no control over facebook and the newsfeed, This is something that only Facebook can fix and yes we all experience this glitch from facebook from time to time.


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                Help. All of my items dissappeared from my TM message box. There may have been one or two items over 24 hours old but not many. What happened to them all? I was saving the fruit for the new map and my backpack is full.

                Sandy -- Barb here -- I answered your post in I have a problem already --
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                  I no longer receive posts on my timeline from Treasure Madness, have I accidentally changed a setting or something? Any advice would be appreciated.

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                  I would suggest you hoover you mouse over the news feed on the left hand side -- and then click on edit -and see if you have Treasure Madness Blocked or hidden -- if you do you will then have to unblock from that area or unhide it

                  That would be the only reason you wouldn't have any posts on news feed

                  Here is the direct news feed link as well -- TM

                  sometimes facebook just messes up -- think that is their middle name or first name hehehehe and has lots of glitches -- and may just not show - if it works via the link -then it may just be something with facebook at this time and hopefully they will fix it without breaking something else

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                    I couldn't figure out which thread this fit into the most so I picked the most recent. I can't request needed supplies from team mates. I click on the item I need and request, but none of my team mates are listed. It's a blank box. It's been this way for weeks. Likewise, I can't send gifts to team mates either for the same reason. Any suggestions?

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                    Firstly, welcome to the forum

                    This post has nothing to do with your issue, the section in which you should be posting is I have a problem, where you need to select a subsection prior to posting. Your issue is a known issue with Facebook's database not sending the required information to the game. What you can do is send a report to Facebook letting them know that your friends aren't loading to send requests in Treasure Madness.
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                      I'm just trying to figure out why I don't have enough stars to finish the special Christmas map. I play every day but I only have 6 stars and need 14 to unlock the rest of the map. Every time it shows Completed Mission for the stars, it says I should be getting 2, but when I click on it, I only get one. Now it looks like the map is expiring. Kind of frustrated and am having a hard navigating this Forum site to see if anyone else is having the same issue

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                      The information on this error and what will be happening has been posted on the first page of the News thread:
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                        My husband sent me 3 Freia's golden apples for this mission ( I collected them from my inbox, but they never made it into my inventory. That he gave them to me doesn't show up on his activity log, that I received them doesn't show up on mine. You can see that he found 5 golden apples on his activity log. It doesn't show that he gave them to anyone else, but it doesn't show them in his inventory anymore either. They just disappeared into thin air. Is there ANYTHING that can be done about this???
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                        Disappearing treasures do need to be reported in IHAP with screen shots. Since this was for the mission, we need a screen shot of all the posts to your wall, the mission, and the collection showing that you still don't have enough.

                        However, before you do that, refresh your page and have a hunt for them in your MC, gifts don't usually crash until you try to accept them.
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                          Facebook has a new view in post, and not appear the option Click to get 20 HP. O this grewat idea is not more available?


                          just click on " susie secured ....." or "Susie found ...." is the easiest way I have found to collect stuff .................. sorry this was a facebook doing -

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                            With the changes that facebook has been rolling out, asking for health kits is not working for someone to send to you. You can post to a limited number of places, but it is not putting the person's name in there. (it only says "actor" )So when someone clicks to send you the health kit, it says sorry it is over, yet no health kit was sent or received. (you can only post to your own timeline, to a group or to a page.


                            Vicky this has been addressed Many times in the I have a problem section -

                            This bug is a facebook bug - and you need to report the bug to Facebook for your own account - sorry Facebook broke several players publishing rights - and now has to fix them - mine included - Please report your account to facebook
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