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  • No Facebook Friends Error

    If you are getting this error, generally it means that you installed the game after April 30th​, 2015 and have not allowed the game access to your Friends list. This is a change that was made by Facebook and it effects all games. To fix this you will need to do the following:

    Uninstall the game

    Start installing the game again, either from the fan page or using this link:

    During the installation process you will see “Edit Options”, select this

    Ensure there is a blue tick in the section marked “Friends”

    Complete the installation process.

    You will not lose your progress in the game when doing this, however we do recommend that you accept all messages from your Message Center first.

    If you continue to receive the error after uninstalling and reinstalling the game, when you start your help thread please supply a screen shot of your Application Settings showing that you have a blue tick next to your Friends setting, and supply the information requested in the Trouble Shooting.
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