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What you can receive/send in 24h (gifts/gold/rewards etc)!

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  • What you can receive/send in 24h (gifts/gold/rewards etc)!

    For each player by 24h period:
    • Max 10 HP rewards claimed from wall (level up, map completed etc.) (10 HP rewards, it means 10 x 20 = 200 HP)
    • Max 500 clicks X GP rewards claimed from wall, thanks, or any message in MC (500 clicks * X GP)
    There is 1 limit apart of the 500 general limit :
    1. 10 X 400 GP from mission posts or from achievements posts
    (NOTE that this limit is included in the 500 general limit)
    • For each publish on wall:
    Level up: 10 clicks
    Achievement earned: 8 clicks
    Map completed: 10 clicks
    Collection secured: 10 clicks
    Treasure found: 5 clicks
    Ask for inventory item: 5 clicks per post - up to a total of 45 clicks for the day
    Mission completed: 8 clicks
    • Miscellaneous:
    Max 5 food requests per day will grant you food*
    Max 45 items requests per day will grant you the item (and max 10 per request "session") *
    Max 40 free gifts per day can be sent
    Max 50 treasures per day from the duplicate pop up

    Note that everything can change every Tuesday (I'm often not even informed, it's a parameter thing).

    * For any question about the requests i advise you to read the How the requests for items work thread.
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