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Some clarifications about the Message Center

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  • Some clarifications about the Message Center

    Hey, just a few clarifications on MC limitations and recent issues:

    MC is limited to about 500 messages of any type (very rough estimate). If you go over that 500 messages, it might keep being empty because it overloads.

    Apart from previous statement, you will not lose paid gifts or duplicates from friend. If you click on accept all with full bag and get a big stack of red messages on paid food gifts, just reload the MC and they will be back, except the first one in the list where you will always get opportunity to eat or send it to friend.

    However, free gifts, thank you, baskets, parcels and duplicates found on map are limited to 1 week MAXIMUM (fbook limits), and we will not hesitate to delete all of them if we have a major issue to fix that way. Remember that all of those messages are free and heavy linked to facebook, so we try to keep them, but can't break everything else for it.
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