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Gifts from friends keep showing up in my in box over and over again

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  • Gifts from friends keep showing up in my in box over and over again

    I just opened my in box and accepted gifts from my friends (things they needed sent back to them primarily). Then I opened it again to make sure I had not missed anything and the same requests from the same people were there again. This time when I clicked on them, I got the message that the reward was no longer available, or that they had received too many gifts. I refreshed the page and they were there a third time giving me the no longer available or they had received too many gifts error message again. What's up with this??

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    If you have gifts stuck, you need to completely clear your Message Center. Once you've done that, go to your Game Activity page on Facebook

    There, if you see Treasure Madness in your list, select "Ignore all" and that will get rid of the dead requests.

    If Treasure Madness isn't there you may have some team mates who have forgotten or don't know about the limits for requests and will over ask for items. Information to pass on about the limits is availble for players to read here:

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