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cant ask for health kit

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  • cant ask for health kit

    the game changed this morning said reload to get latest game now you cant publish to get a health kit where you went before it now says add mus, instead of ask for health kit so how do we get them im not the only one who has this problem
    my wishlist

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    We can't publish, we can't ask for health kits, we can't ask for any items that post to our walls

    As per the news post =--

    The team will be posting gifts on the fan page to help a little bit with hp - Today Arnold came around early so make sure you catch that

    They are also looking into other options at this time to see exactly what they can do, etc

    As of right now we can't do much but send out via wish list or wish list links through the old hunt and search for an item --
    and request 45 items via the back pack

    My understanding is facebook told them all post publishes were being turned off today -- and this will start affecting other games as well