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Trade issues

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  • Trade issues

    I need a guide to help with a trade that did not complete. Here's the thread:

    I have sent messages to Macknits but have yet to hear back. She has logged in at least twice after I sent her the treasure.

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    sent her a pm Prickly -- but i know some ppl are having issues at the moment with whatever facebook has been doing this weekend - I hang just trying to send free gifts


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      she said she sent you the woodcutter a couple of weeks ago - you said deal and sent ONE coloring page - yet the deal was for 2 coloring pages for the woodcutter -- she may not have posted that she sent - she will check and see if she has another one to send -- but I see where both parties are wrong here -- you didn't complete either from what you posted


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        She also sent you other stuff on your list she says -- One thing I did notice was you agreed 12 hours after she offered - when there is that length of time you should see if they are still interested or if they still need the items actually just because in 12 hours I could redig quite a few times myself and not need the items any longer - and So could have McKnits not to mention they may have gotten from other teammates as well


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          I did not get receive anything from MacKnits. My trade was for :

          Have Coloring pages of the woodcutter.
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          Coloring Book Day : Coloring page of the Forest , Coloring page of the Grandmother, Coloring page of the Boats

          Macknits offered two coloring pages for the woodcutter. Her reply was "I can trade two of the coloring pages for the Woodcutter".

          So I understood it as the my woodcutter for either the forest , grandmother or boats. I sent her the woodcutter but I did not get anything frorm her. Can't you check the trades? I don't know who she said she sent them to.

          I sent her two PMs on Aug 7 and 9th. Trade was on Aug 4th.
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            No I can't check the trade between you and McKnits - I have to go by your word and her word - she said she would see if she has extra and send when she gets off work -- But at the same time - You waited 12 HOURS to respond to a trade as well -- personally - I think you should have asked if she was still interested at that point -- You just said deal and sent -- 12 hours a person can do redigging etc and find the item they are looking for -- You are just as wrong as she was in the fact that she sent stuff and didn't post -- sorry but in this instance BOTH parties are wrong -- Any time there is a long time between offering and you accepting the trade you should always ask if they still need it -- Plain and simple!!!!! Next time there is a long delay in you responding to a trade and you send right away without checking - I will not assist you with the trade because you have been warned on this issue in the past and this is your final warning on the issue


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              Asked for help, got yelled at.

              NO longer worth my time.

              +++Thread closed+++++
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                when you are in the wrong just as well as the other party - yes you will get told - you know the rules and you wait 12 hours to respond - you are just as much at fault and that is the end of the story ....................... and thread officially closed !!