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Still Unable to load any maps, accept gifts etc

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  • Still Unable to load any maps, accept gifts etc

    I still am unable to load any maps, accept gifts, send gifts, request anything from my laptop. I can play it from my desktop computer. If I have a map open on my desktop it will open on my laptop but once it is finished I cannot load any new maps. This has been going on all week. I already answered all the questions about my laptop, everything is current and the latest downloads, yet there are no suggestions on how to resolve this. I am frustrated especially since I am a VIP. Melissa S

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    If you had gone back to the original post you would have seen that we were still waiting for additional information from you - especially since you didn't give us the correct link to look at your speed test info -

    But now you bring up more important info -

    1) the info you gave - was it from your laptop or from your desktop computer

    Sorry we have to have both - just because you update 1 doesn't mean you update the other

    2) there was an update to Chrome this week - did you do that?

    3) did you allow Flash on Chrome since that also has to be allowed now??

    4) we were still waiting for information on your shockwave player - this is totally different from your flash player actually

    We understand your frustration however the frustration is with your computer not with the game and we are trying to help you with your computer as the game works fine at this point. Chrome made changes and the changes have to be adjusted on your settings on your side there is nothing the game can do about that.