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Uninstall and Reinstall GAME

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  • Uninstall and Reinstall GAME

    Until the game is back to 100% you won't be able to post for things, ask for items, etc - this is part of the issue with Facebook that the developers are working on - we can however - try and help you get your friends list back - but you need to follow instructions to the T on this

    Location to check if you have Friends list shared with game -

    - instead of clicking on edit - click on remove app (do this ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE EMPTIED YOUR MESSAGE CENTER OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL IN YOUR MESSAGE CENTER)

    Then we will reinstall the app from this link

    when you get the pop up -- click Blue Edit this - or Review info (this is changing for some players as facebook seems to be reworking it)

    Make sure you still have the check mark by FRIENDS LIST

    Click Continue

    The Next pop up is about Posting -

    You need to allow this so your teammates can send you health kits and items - i.e. bug sprays - etc along with collecting 20 hp hearts from your wall

    You will not lose your game progress by doing this.

    If you have done all the steps and you check your settings on Facebook and Friends list is shared with the game -- and still no teammates showing in game

    Please log off facebook
    Clean cache and history
    Log back into facebook

    This has worked in the past when facebook has screwed things up

    Voici la marche à suivre si vous avez perdu vos coéquipiers :
    - Videz votre message center, car vous allez perdre tout son contenu durant l'opération donc soyez sûr de ne rien y laisser.
    - Pendez-vous ici :
    Puis appuyez sur la croix à côté du nom du jeu pour le désintaller
    - Ensuite réinstallez Treasure Madness à partir de ce lien :
    - Quand la pop up apparaît au moment de la réinstallation allez dans les options et vérifiez que "Liste d'amis" et "Publication" sont bien actives. Vous pouvez également vérifier ça ici : en cliquant sur le petit crayon à droite du jeu.

    Et voilà, vos amis devraient être revenus dans le jeu

    Vous ne perdrez pas votre progression de jeu en faisant cela.
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    Note: This will not work while the game is blocked by facebook

    If you are using Chrome and are not getting the pop ups shown for editing the information you provide, check to the top right corner of the screen to see if the redirect has been blocked.

    If you do have this, click on the square with the red x and select the link showing "facebook" that ends with "scope=user_friends" this will take you to the pop up that is displayed in the first post.
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      The developers are aware of this issue

      But we would also like you guys to send a bug report to facebook about this issue as well

      click on the question mark (?) next to where you log off

      Report a problem

      Something isn't working

      From the drop down menu - choose games and apps

      Explain to facebook that you are no longer given the option to share your friends list with ANY GAME -- This change will affect any game that you install it seems - as it is on your timeline - not game specific this time but timeline specific


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        remember to still do your daily requests as those still work - you can let your mates know you still appear under classic selector for free gifts and you can still be tossed fruit baskets and treasure chests

        You should also be able to use the classic selecter to send out free gifts I just checked this with someone who is on the beta test.
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          Yesterday i was unable to ask for a health kit, then all my 250+ team members have vanished. I have tried to do what is written here a few times but sadly when the pop up window appears and it says continue has Andrew i press it at least 10 times before it goes away and then nothing. I am at a loss on how to get my team back


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            Andrew there is nothing you can do if you have Review info - it's a facebook mess that the developers are trying to find a work around on - if you haven't you need to send a bug report to facebook as per the instructions


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              Am a gold player stuck on alpha/beta test with 0 friends.Am unable to help with team mates even though i have loads of high rarety treasures from premium maps.I cannot see any friends wishlists and neither can they see mine.When will this mess get sorted please.

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                Ray have you made a report to Facebook on this issue - Since Facebook is the one that programs the install screen?????


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                  Yes i have on a daily basis and all i get is

                  Our reply
                  Your feedback will be used to improve Facebook. Thanks for taking the time to make a report.

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                    as long as it's submitted and they haven't closed any out ( which if they do yell louder) that is all we can do - those idiots thing a social site is to be unsocial the developers haven't found a way yet for a work around but then again I know Amity and I have sumitted them since Jan 16th roughly


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                      Yeah I finally got my friends back Thank you for your help


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                        Great News David -- Maybe they fixed something - off to try it


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                          Yes it installed friends list and post yippii


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                            All my friends have disappeared from the game.
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                              Originally posted by LoveDigging View Post
                              All my friends have disappeared from the game.
                              Posting multiple times is considered spamming the forum, your other post regarding this matter has been removed.

                              Please supply screen shots of your Facebook settings for the game. This will show us if you have that set up as directed in the first two posts of the thread.

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