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    Originally posted by ktweenie View Post
    My user # is 577561028 and I do believe my level is 563? I'm a platinum VIP
    Please post in the sticky provided for this:

    You, my dear, really underestimate my level of psycho. Keep going, I dare you.

    Originally posted by Kiefer
    Kiefer's Dwarfs Fact #3: If they can make a joke become reality, they will.


    A Contest for HP is currently running:
    Text Mach Challenge!


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      hi mods - thanks for all the work you are doing keeping folks up to date on the latest kerfuffle.

      I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a stickied thread (possibly in the "known bugs" forum) which summarizes the latest problem and what the developers have been doing to try to get Facebook to fix it? it would be relatively simple to update this daily (even if the update is "no new changes but we suggest you continue to report the bug to FB") and then folks like me who are wondering what the status is could just look in one place to find out.

      if I were not a regular forum visitor and I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the game, I would come to the forum expecting to find an explanation (or at least acknowledgement) as an official stickied thread.

      that might save some of the time you all are having to spend in replying to threads asking what's going on in every forum.

      I know there's a thread on the fanpage, but it is very hard to wade through all the comments to try to figure out if there are any official updates

      also, just a request/suggestion that fruit gifts from developers should perhaps happen daily until this is resolved? even if people can't use them now, they may be able to use the hp later to try to catch up after this is resolved.

      thanks much.


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        Darbo -- it's a good suggestion - only problem is - with this new forum - Some of us are blocked from posting in the Bugs area actually - just like the news thread

        As far as the Fruit - As long as Ross is around - he tries to give out something -- However, he does take days off and again those are not something that Amity or myself can create either