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  • Disappearing Signature

    I have an odd issue.
    When I'm not logged into the Forum I can see everyone's Siganature and can get to their Wishlist, but when I log into the Forum everyone's Signature disappears (including mine). (They will reappear if I log out.)

    Anyone else having this issue?
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    So, I've been trying to fix this. I thought I had it fixed, but now the problem has changed.
    1) I discovered that I had to go into User Settings and check the boxes to show others' Signature (and Avatar).
    2) That fixed everything for a few minutes. (I could see others' and my Signatures).
    3) Then I noticed I could see others' Signatures, but not my own.

    Anyone have a solution?
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      Your signature is displaying fine. When posting in a thread, you'll often find that you can't see your signature on your latest post until after you refresh the page. If this isn't the case, please get me some screen shots showing the following:

      1) Post before refreshing
      2)Post after refreshing.

      Also please ensure that the time on your computer is displayed in the screen shots as that will show they were taken at different times.

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        Amity - You're right that it seems to have fixed itself. Maybe I did just need to refresh. Who knows. Computers are weird.
        If it occurs again, I'll grab screen shots. (I'm not a tech person, so I keep forgetting that a screen shot helps.)

        Thanks for checking it out. :-)
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          yeah it's the same for all of us aj -- our signatures disappear whenever we make a post - but we leave that post and come back most times we can see it


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            How do we get you the screen shots? I can't see anyone's wishlist signature no mater what I do. Thanks


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              Rhonda - if you use windows you have a nice little tool already on your computer - called snipping tool - here is a nice little tutorial for it -- -- then you would need to upload to a free share program like -- grab the 2nd url on the left and just paste in the message section so we can see it