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Barb E and current issues

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  • Barb E and current issues

    Dear Barb
    The current situation with TM is annoying to all of the players, and off course we seek news of the situation in the forum.
    Some of us even contribute with our experiences, and thoughts of the situation taking into account our former experiences with TM and with other games on FB.
    No we are not developpers, but the user experiences should be taken into account by developpers. It could very well be a mistake form the user, but this could also be because there is an explanation from the crew missing about the process. Also developpers do not get the same experiences because they have super access and top level gear.

    What is surely not helpfull in the forum is the way you get angry at the users for describing their view!

    You can close this post all you want, I am sure other users can find out to create their own

    Finally: the experience this time is, that so much more than the last times have been affected by the autobot. Earlier you just couldnt make announcements, now all opening to list levels and interactions with the game and friends are affected. You cant ask for items, HP, send treasures,fruits,pets, treasures; you can only open maps available for a mission or replay(which gets very hard when you cannot ask for items).

    Looking forward to a solution. Have played the game for a long time, and dont want to quit.
    Playmus TM-page:

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    Playmus - 1st off Sharon has a habit of attacking the game -which is against the rules of the forum - all posts I closed yesterday was because they violated the rules of the forum actually.

    2ndly- people we spouting off things they have no idea what they are talking about and not in a nice way - you cannot expect Amity or myself to respond nicely all the time when players are rude to us. We are people as well. And we will respond in kind. If players treat us with respect they get treated with respect - you know that.

    You attacking me - is violating the Rules of the fourm - you know this as well

    As I have stated - this spambot is AI - you are more than welcome to look up AI and see what it actually is - but that is what the games and pages are dealing with that are having issues and it's not just TM having issues with this spambot as we call it. And for you guys to come on here and say that it's the developers fault and they aren't doing anything is crap actually when They did what they could to try and resolve it and it kept coming back to being facebook's issue with their spambot. If the developers could have fixed it they would have. But we all have to wait for facebook to fix the issue.

    And Yes I will close this thread as you are also in violation of the rules of the forum just like Sharon was - and if more posts crop up - I will start handing out infractions to those that want to attack the game, developers or any of the mods and that is very clear on this post!!!