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  • Lost Connection to Server

    I have tried this in Chrome and Firefox. Treasure Madness has been running a little slower then usual on my maps. When I go to complete missions it spins and then says can not connect to server. Reload. When I reload I don't get the prize if it is a HP prize. If its Mus it will give to me once I reload. I have uninstalled and reinstalled deleted cookies etc restarted. Please Help me thank you

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    I wish I could help you

    You are not the only one that has this issue unfortunately

    I have a few of you that I have tried to help with this issue

    Another browser does not help
    Refreshing before you collect the reward - doesn't help with the HP --it does help with the MU collection however
    resetting your modem once a week hasn't helped one player -- you may want to try that yourself and test it out
    One player and I actually have the same internet provider and we even compared settings in chrome - I don't have the issue and yet she does only difference is she is using wifi and I am connected via ethernet cable to my modem.

    About the only thing I haven't tested out is running the game in incognito mode or private browser and trying to collect the missions that way -- you game to try that for me and report back to me??

    Also you may want to try and connect to your modem via ethernet cable and see if that helps - it may be just your wifi card or settings need to be updated or is going out or is experiencing interference.

    I remember one of my mates had problems with her laptop because of her iphone being to close - interference -- so that is also another thought.

    Please report back - maybe we can work this out with some more testing -- like I said I have a few of you experiencing this - and I have tried lots of different things so far but am perplexed as to what is actually causing this to reload just when you collect the missions on the left side and so are the developers at this point.


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      Here's to add to your curiousity of testing. I am playing my friends game until she gets back from Vacation. I am using the same computer. I can collect everything on her account even the hp ones without any reload. So It must be something to do with my facebook account or just my game its not the computer if that helps in your testing. I hope they figure out soon I have lost close to 1,000 hp.


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        Yeah I am sure it's not the computer - it has to do with facebook account someplace but the developers can't track this little critter down

        A "Cannot connect to server" issue can happen

        Facebook to tm servers

        User to facebook servers

        user to provider - but from what I have seen this is also not the problem either

        when players that have this issue have run -- their numbers have been great

        so it's hard telling where you are losing the packets of data at


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          Ok Nicole -

          A little more info -

          looks like it may be on facebook side actually in their programming

          If I am reading the errors correctly we are losing the access token in the game (yes I got it myself today trying to collect MU)

          So this info has been sent to the developers at this time to see if there is a possible fix for it - I only had the issue on the 1st MU one I collected not on the others but I am pretty sure yours will be the same error

          So at least we have that much more information figured out or hopefully figured out at this time -- just takes either Amity or myself getting the error sometimes to be able to help track it down


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            Ok Nicole - more info - seems facebook is working on fixing the issue with access token yeah !!!



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              Mine still ain't working. and now i am not getting my Mus from finishing mission. It use to not give me hp but the mus and coins would show up after i restarted. Now i am no getting anything.


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                Nichole -- when you don't get MU from the completed mission - just message the fan page -- via messages - and we will make sure you get credited -- We have reported this to the developers but the programmer that needs to look into this deeper is on holiday for a couple of weeks