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Unable to access any maps

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  • Unable to access any maps

    I completed a map maybe the day before yesterday and ever since I haven't been able to access a new map to play with. I've completed all the regular maps I can and have gone to the special maps and when I try to expand the maps it just keeps looking like it's thinking but never expands to allow me to select map. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks.

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    Unfortunately - this is all part of the issue that is going on with Facebook at the moment with the spambot. We can't accept items because out mates have no names at the moment even though they have pics, basically you are stuck in limbo as we are calling it

    the developers are extending this weeks maps for another week - and we are all hoping that facebooks resolves this issue for all games and pages affected quickly


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      I can't open any maps. I finished one yesterday and have been unable to play since.


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        Unfortunately, Kam, you are now stuck in limbo between maps until Facebook get this sorted. Quite a few players are stuck in limbo now

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          Help. I have not been able to access any maps or accept gifts. It looks like it is loading, but it just "thinks"
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            There seems to be issues with those on IE, Edge, those with Mac IOS and Safari - it started last night after the Mac IOS update - please switch to chrome or firefox and remember if on mac you may need to reinstall flashplayer again