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Gifting VIP Membership to friends

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  • Gifting VIP Membership to friends

    My friend and I have been playing this game for at least the last 2 years, rather actively. I've maintained a VIP platinum membership for the last year or so, and would like to purchase a membership for her as a gift. Is there a way for me to pay for a VIP membership for a teammate?
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    The only way I know that you could do this is to purchase MU and send to her as a gift so that she can purchase the VIP Membership that way via alternative account == I can check with JJ and see if there is any other way - the auto subscribe would be out because your credit card or pay pal info would have to be attached to her facebook account per facebook rules as far as my understanding of facebook payment system goes


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      JJ just got back with me and told me that is exactly how it works -- you would purchase MU -- using offer a friend

      Make sure after you click on the amount that you click on the Offer to a friend button and then choose the friend that you wish to send the MU to so that they can purchase a subscription

      Ask your friend to follow the following instructions for purchasing the subscription via alternative method

      This screen shot is what I get when I renew monthly their first screen shot will just show the initial amount

      and here is what bronze would look like - i.e. others would look similar to offer upgrades as well

      Hope this helps you out


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        by the way I am going to pin you so others can see this and it doesn't get lost - others may want to know how to do this as well

        It's a great idea actually


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          I thought so too.
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