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We all will miss the game !!!

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  • We all will miss the game !!!

    Over 9 years ago I started playing Treasure Mania and over the years we have gone through lots of tough times with the game, from the glitches that were unforeseen and those that were caused by Facebook.

    I got to know many of you by your forum names and knew if you posted something was wrong - most likely I could replicate it for the developers. The amount of feedback that you all have given over the years is really what made the game what it is today. I also got to know many of the developers/programmers and writers of the game and I can tell you that they have been a dedicated bunch of people.

    The history that we have learned about each country over the years has been tremendous to say the least. How many of us liked history in school? We watched the graphics of the game mature, and then we also enjoyed the fun little things that they tossed in for us here and there. Although the characters were ageless, we also watched them go back and forward in time.

    Jennifer and her love for animals, Carmen and her adventures, Arnold and his gadgets that didn't always work, Burt and his girl crazy ways, Ross and his appetite which was only matched by Arnold's love for food, and then Phyllis and Sir Adams and their romance that blossomed over the years.

    Like many of you - I will miss the game, it brought peace to me when I needed it and frustration to me at times just like it did for you guys. Finding that last treasure of a series was always ........... grrrrrrrrrrr where is it at ............ lol

    You all will be missed even if I don't know you by your real names.

    Thanks for being part of my life for the past 9+ years.