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  • Is something wrong

    Dear admins and developers. As you probably know Treasure Madness players are creatures of habit. So we expect certain things to happen at certain times. Of course variations are allowed, but then we expect an explanation This week: There is no thank you for clicking last weeks post, no announcement of the new maps, the new maps were late and we havent seen any "sorries". So of course we worry - what is happening with our favorite game?

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    Playmus - there is a new Community Manager - so there will be changes made -- I am popping in at the moment - I have 2 boys I am watching -- so I have not dug the maps to try and get the start of collections going --

    There will not be any News Announcements unless Amity or myself decide to post the maps - as far as the weekly pinned post - I have asked about that -- and waiting for an answer on that.

    with any Community Manager change - comes change itself. There may be more games on the fan page - but that is still in the works at this point.

    And just for reference - the messages on the Fan Page will be turned off as well -- We have asked that players be given an announcement to this at least 2 weeks prior to that happening.


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      Thank you Barb for the repply. I am not sure I like the explanation though. I thought the newspage/fanpage and the game functioned so well together - even when at some instances the the game did not function too well ( baaad FB)


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        Well that is the way it will be from what I was told today - I am sorry - we all know they are a small company - and change does happen whether we like it or not. The company has to adjust to all the changes constantly made by facebook - just like we do