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    I am not saying it's beneficial - I have had weeks as well where I find more of the lower items or the R20 items than I do the high ones we need for collections - Just saying if the VIP map comes out on Tuesday - there will be more of those that aren't subscribers quitting because they will see it as an unfair advantage to them - i.e. basically we may have all of the higher rares and just dig the regular maps once like most of us do now after we play the vip maps --Normally I am the one redigging for those lower rare items .......... go figure that one out

    But I do like to see fairness for most not just some in this case -- if the developers want players to quit - moving the vip map to tuesday will be a sure way to have some players quit - the same way some ppl quit already just from the 1st week of the trial when the vip map was moved to saturday -- some didn't wait to see if the developers would fix this issue - they just uninstalled the game

    To many players quit = end to game


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      Would love the ancient way returned but with a couple of adjustments to make it a little fairer across the board. 1 map only per day Tuesday to Sunday with the 4hr staggering we have always had..This should give all time zones the opportunity to win at least a couple of mission $ each week and remove complaints that 2 maps at once is just too difficult or impossible times for many . VIP map to remain at same time each week Thursday (or perhaps Friday morning) . POP map to reduce to every second week (as suggested recently) to begin at same time as fruit/gold map sale making it a little easier for those who struggle with time and /or lack of HP.


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        The only scheduling that seems to have any sort of consistancy and fairness is the original one. The current scheduling, and the two proposals have the Pop and VIP maps different times every week meaning that every week we're asking ourselves "when is the map coming?". The rotation of the start times isn't beneficial for all players as it means having to work out every week if this is good for us personally. Personally, the current schedule doesn't allow me to go for any of the limited missions any of the 4 weeks, which says that using Proposals 1 and 2 would completely strip other players of the limited missions they can go for too. With the old scheduling most players get one or two limited missions a week, even if we don't get to go for the level up limited missions.

        The current schedule and Proposal 1 both leave some players without a map for 36 hours if they aren't VIP and prefer not to do the Pop Culture map. Sure players who are behind in their other maps may benefit from this, but what about those who have otherwise done all of their maps? Why should they miss out on a map for a day and a half?

        I agree with BarbE that having the VIP map out on Tuesday is a sure fire way to get non-VIP players to quit playing as many would see it as the VIP's being given an unfair advantage. Having it on Thursday still gives Gold and Platinum VIP's an advantage, but not so much that it feels like the non-VIP's would have little to no chance of gaining the limited missions.

        I disagree with the proposal to put the Pop Culture map out every two weeks, as these are maps that can be done at any time. If you don't currently have the time/HP to dig the Pop Culture maps, then they can wait for as long as you need them to. In fact, you can possibly use that to your advantage by doing the maps in the order that suits you, rather than the order they appear in game, then claim a heap of missions for the HP.

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          SO it appears on the fan page that the most votes were for going back to the old way but today's maps are all over the place, I leveled up hours ago, digging fruit, VIP is out tomorrow morning, will things ever go back to normal?? You ask our opinions, you ask us to vote, then you tell us things will get better, they are getting worse.


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            Last week's story missions were taken down. So aside from no possible chance at missions; can't even claim the r-20 collection because I can't complete it.
            And now, there will be no map for 2 days, again. Seriously??? Can you screw this up more? Go on, have at it!
            I've already dumped my subscription.
            over and out!

            Thank you for the lovely gifts and surprises!


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              i cant like or comment on any post i dont have any icons
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