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    New map schedule = not sure how much longer I'll be playing. Many teammates have already bowed out, so rather than feeling frustrated over having full hp and no new map to dig, perhaps I should join them in finding other games.


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      The time between map 1 and map 2 is too long (2 days !)
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        Sambuka has the only realistic way to solve the East/West split. Yes, plain common sense, instead of tinkering around with all maps, just change start mission 8 hours either way, then leave well alone.
        Please let us request at least 40 items or stop putting these old rewards on maps. I know people have written to you to ask what they can do with them. Each time TM tries to solve a little problem it ends up making a right mess of it.

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          I've been playing since the beginning, and I'm fine with the changes. They actually work better for me than the old schedule. Sadly, with all the complaints, looks like we'll go back to the old way and I'll never get any sleep. I agree that the time between the first and second maps is a bit if a long haul but there is the POP map, which as far as I knew most, if not all, players dig.


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            The developers will be putting up a Poll with different options - either later today or tomorrow -- Be sure you all Vote for the option you like best


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              So I won the 5 MUs race on the new map just now - but had to spend 8 (2 keys, six animal vaccines) to finish the map and quest - net -3. Another "special" map coming up where multiple requests are necessary and again, i don't get them from my friends. The last one at Xmas I had to pay for every one. Please reduce MU items needed back to old levels (1 or 2 items at a time). 8-12 MUs per map is too steep!!!!
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                Four different proposals can be voted for.

                The proposals are here, make sure you read all of them before voting:

                The poll is here, instuctions on how to vote are on the post:

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