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  • New map releases

    Hi Hunters!
    As you saw there are a lot of changes this week. We made them because we received a lot of complains. Indeed, players reported us they felt forsaken because the maps always benefited to the same persons.
    We want to satisfy all of you... or at least try to do so

    By considering these feedback, the game designers have created a new pattern for the release of the maps, which changes from week to week to left no one behind. It is possible that this new time of release is not perfect for all of you, but please keep in mind it will turn with the aim to satisfy a majority of players.

    Be sure that if these changes don't satisfy the majority we will adjust them or just revert them to get back to the "normal" planning.

    Nothing is set in stone yet! That's why we need you more than ever to know if we are on the right path or not!

    At the moment, one thing appears clearly: No one wants a VIP map released on Saturday or after.
    We totally understand the arguments of the VIP players. So don't worry! The VIP map won't be released after Thursday from next week.

    Please keep sharing your feeling on the fan page or with the Community Managers (Ross and Tatanka), this way we will be able to provide the best gaming experience we can.

    To help you find your way with the new planning, here are some tips and clarification:

    1/ Here is a global planning to know about the hour rolling for each week. It's based on a 4 weeks rotation. This way you can be able to organise your playing time for the next weeks. This can evolve depending on your feedback and will be updated if need be:

    This week (Event Romania) release hours:

    Târgoviste's historical centre: 01/24, 11:29 am UTC

    Ice Cream Land Resort (Fruity map): 01/24, 11:29 am UTC

    Salina Turda: 01/25, 5:29 am UTC

    Gedeon and his friends (Pop map): 01/25, 11:29 pm UTC

    Welcome to Brasov: 01/26, 5:29 pm UTC

    Bran Castle: 01/27, 11:29 am UTC

    Danube Delta (VIP): 01/28, 5:29 am UTC

    Palace of Culture in Iasi: 01/28, 11:29 pm UTC

    Scarisoara Cave: 01/29, 5:29 pm UTC

    Folllowing week, from 01/31 to 02/07, release hours:

    map 1: 01/31, 2:29 pm UTC

    Fruity map: 01/31, 2:29 pm UTC

    VIP: 02/01, 8:29 am UTC

    Pop map: 02/02, 2:29 am UTC

    map 2: 02/02, 8:29 pm UTC

    map 3: 02/03, 2:29 pm UTC

    map 4: 02/04, 8:29 am UTC

    map 5: 02/05, 2:29 am UTC

    map 6: 02/05, 8:29 pm UTC

    Week from 02/07 to 02/14:

    map 1: 02/07, 4:29 pm UTC

    Fruity map: 02/07, 4:29 pm UTC

    VIP: 02/08, 10:29 am UTC

    Pop map: 02/09, 4:29 am UTC

    map 2: 02/09, 10:29 pm UTC

    map 3: 02/10, 4:29 pm UTC

    map 4: 02/11, 10:29 am UTC

    map 5: 02/12, 4:29 am UTC

    map 6: 02/12, 10:29 pm UTC

    Week from 02/14 to 02/21:

    map 1: 02/14, 9:29 am UTC

    Fruity map: 02/14, 9:29 am UTC

    VIP: 02/15, 3:29 am UTC

    Pop map: 02/15, 9:29 pm UTC

    map 2: 02/16, 3:29 pm UTC

    map 3: 02/17, 9:29 am UTC

    map 4: 02/18, 3:29 am UTC

    map 5: 02/18, 9:29 pm UTC

    map 6: 02/19, 3:29 pm UTC

    Note that the hours make a loop so the week after these one you will have the same hours as the Romania event (The only change between the two will be the VIP map due to the feedback we received.)
    Of course this is only a test. Please share your feeling for helping us to improve the planning and the game.

    2/ The release time for each map is in UTC. To know the current UTC time you can check on this link:

    Thank you for you support!
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    do you want to tell the players how this is even fair to all players

    Players should not be able to do the Level Rush prior to the maps coming out


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      The timings of these maps are so wrong. The last 3 in 18 hours. New items yet no news if we can ask for more. I am no longer VIP. I do not like the changes.
      1- We are all used to set times for the first maps as well as the pop and those that are still VIP.
      2. We now have to ask for more items but you have not increased the amount we can ask for.
      3. The 28 hour gap between maps gave us time to ask for items.
      4. The last 3 maps in 18 hours is unfair to all especially the newbies that you are trying to attract and they have a smaller health bar than those who have been playing for years.
      5. Please put all missions at 5 museum and back to the old times then more have a chance of getting the rewards.
      6. Some people pay for their VIP by getting these rewards and if they don't get they won't play.
      Please sort this out asap before too many walk away and if they walk that means less money coming into the game. Thank you.


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        I do not understand this, Is the level rush 18 hours before first map? It does not bother me I have never done the level rush. Usually for me it is 6 digs into Pop that I level up.

        Happy Hunting


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          [QUOTE=maryellen;n11282342]I do not understand this, Is the level rush 18 hours before first map? It does not bother me I have never done the level rush. Usually for me it is 6 digs into Pop that I level up.[/QUOTE|

          Maryellen - currently you can level up prior to the maps coming out -- the Level up starts at 8:30 am UTC -- so only those players awake at that time and then are one of the first 200 to click on reward once the maps are released can claim the prize


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            Thanks for that Barbe, I didn;t realise level rush started at this time! All these years. This explains why I see teamies completing level rush when I am on 2nd or 3rd map.

            Happy Hunting


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              Originally posted by maryellen View Post
              Thanks for that Barbe, I didn;t realise level rush started at this time! All these years. This explains why I see teamies completing level rush when I am on 2nd or 3rd map.
              some actually do fruit maps to do level rush up first -- prior to the recent changes - level rush started when the maps came out --- but oh well new changes happen


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                Fair for all? That's a joke, right? If you want fair for all you wouldn't be allowing players to dig ahead for the level up, the last time players were allowed to do that it caused an outrage as those who are able to dig the map early get an unfair advatage on those who have to wait until the release. The level up missions, and ability to do them, should come out with the new maps. Having it any other way is UNFAIR.

                The sheduling changes suck, prior to these changes I was able to get at least 1 or 2 limited missions a week - now I won't be able to get any. The only players who seem to be happy with the new scheduling are those who have had an increase in the number of limited missions that they can go for. The 18 gap between the Pop Culture and VIP maps means that anyone who does not do the Pop Culture or VIP map has to wait 36 hours for a new map. No one should have to wait that long for a new map. Having 3 maps in 36 hours is unfair on lower level players who are unlikely to have the HP built up in their fruit bags to do that many maps that quickly, even if they only dig the maps once.

                Changing the start time every week causes confusion as to what time the maps and missions will be available. I doubt anyone wants to be sitting down and working out every week if the maps will be out at a time they can be around to dig. Having a set time for release means that players already know the time they are available and players will set themselves up to be available if they can.

                The system that we had in place was fair to most players. Could it be made fairer? Of course it could be made fairer. The easiest way to do that would be to add in more scheduling for the release times of maps 3, 4, 5, and 6. Adding in more release schedules would give players the set release times for the start of the week, Pop Culture and VIP maps and would most likely be fair to most players most of the time.

                You, my dear, really underestimate my level of psycho. Keep going, I dare you.

                Originally posted by Kiefer
                Kiefer's Dwarfs Fact #3: If they can make a joke become reality, they will.


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                  I don't see the necessity for changes - in my opinion the way it used to be was pretty good.
                  I just looked up my stats and saw that I had been playing since 2009 and over the past 8 years I had become accustomed to a certain routine of starting maps and doing missions. Now I am confused as to why things have changed and what was so wrong with the old way that it needed to be changed. Surely if it was that unfair the release times would have been altered a long time ago.
                  Anyway I guess it's not the end of the world - it will just take me another few years to understand and become accustomed to the new times etc


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                    Players are currently having a hard enough time with requesting items - we got quite a few new (recycled) items added - that

                    1) still have not appeared in the rotation of free gifts
                    2) players use up quickly because we are limited to 30 items a day from bag and wall if we are out of items only -- since most have at least 1 or 2 if they need more only then can they request by posting on the wall.

                    This I guess you can say was fair to all players since we all have to deal with it - But limited to 30 items a day -- and we now have 48 different items to request on a rotating basis only to try and keep level so we have them when the maps come out - The number of items we can request from bag and wall should be doubled the amount that is currently is - in my opinion

                    Make the game so that we can play it like we have for 7 yrs - not keep restricting us on what someone that has never played the game or been through the trials that we have with the game seem fit.

                    New Items were fine - however not so many all at once and take into consideration the rotation of items as well - if that means you dump the orbs every other week - then figure out a way that we can get the items. I do not want to go and dig old maps for some of the items - that's a waste of health - and seriously I don't need more halloween stuff popping up to maybe find 1 breath............................ !!!!!


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                      I was under the assumption the previous mission times had been a major change several years ago. Perhaps I am wrong, but these new times are very hard to keep track of and from what I am hearing not very convenient to most of the players I come across. The times certainly are not great for me anymore. Is there a chance the Devs could go back to the old time of 4:30 am EST on Tuesday mornings? I believe this would eliminate most of the confusion regarding the New Weekly Missions. There is a saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" It would behoove the developers to try to stick to what worked for the majority of people. I am reading far more complaints about these new changes than I did before the new changes were implemented and the VIP map and POP map days should never have been changed. Players looked forward to doing the POP map on Wednesday mornings and the VIP map on Thursday mornings. We didn't have to worry about a timed mission and these maps didn't interfere with the weekly mission. Now I have mates who are confused as to when these maps are coming out.

                      I have been with this game since the beginning and as anything else change is always difficult for most people. We get used to a certain schedule and then it is changed without notice. I understand the developers are trying to reach most of the players, but in this instance I don't believe this has happened. We are confused and frustrated over the new changes and many of us are not around when the new weekly missions start. I, as well as many of my mates miss doing two maps and three collections on Tuesday mornings. The complaints I had and those I heard most about were how hard it was to find treasures on the maps. I have no problem digging my maps three times to find treasures, but I have a real problem with having to dig these maps 4, 5 and 6 times and not finding what I am looking. Furthermore, it is even more frustrating to dig the VIP map several times and not find certain treasures. These are the complaints I have read about and listen as players complained.

                      I don't like that new players can do any map they choose and those of us who have played this game since the beginning had to work our way up the ladder. It is so annoying to go through wishlists and see so many R20's needed for maps they shouldn't have access to in the first place. Back in the day, a rare treasure was a delight to find. Now every series has R20's and there is no element of surprise in finding treasures. I enjoy the people I have met and once in awhile a new series, but I wish the developers could come up with maps which would only benefit players who have worked hard to reach the higher levels. The weekly level rush doesn't do it for me anymore.

                      Hopefully, the developers will find some balance to what works best for the majority of the players. The current schedule is not working for me and several others, but I will be patient and see what happens.
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                        Please pardon my rant. I'm not one prone to ranting but...

                        So, I live in a timezone that, generally, only gets 1-3 missions a week (the 3 is when we had extreme early start times for second day missions and could get 3pm, 7 pm, 11pm. Which happened about once a month). Most weeks I could get 2 if I stayed up until 1 am. This week with the new timing. I was able to get one, had days with no maps, skipped Pop to accrue HP, couldn't figure out what time anything was coming out and the missions were all at inconvenient times across the board and too close together. This is precisely why they were set at 28 hours in the past. To deal with this exact problem!

                        Now, how about some feedback on special items...
                        Stop it! Just stop doing ridiculous things like asking for 6 high cost items we haven't had time to prepare for to grant us a kiwi or a fixed prize r-1.
                        Many of us have been playing since before this version of the game existed and while we're not adverse to change and improvements. This is coming across like making everything a bigger pain in the rear as opposed to making it more interesting or challenging. It is neither of those last two.

                        Thank you for the lovely gifts and surprises!


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                          This is the worst the game has ever become, except for the possibility of the weather equals the amount of HP one could have at any given time. I don't understand how you think this is fair, especially to long time players.


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                            i too am really REALLY upset with the quantity of MU-necessary items that are appearing in the quests and maps the last couple of months. I am a member of the small club but getting 14 a week doesn't even come close to what I need. I almost never get them back from friends either when requesting from the bag no matter how long I wait or what browser i use. I am considering dropping the game after 7 years.

                            my wish list


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                              Some of the suggestions that I've read sound appealing and would satisfy many players:
                              - raising the limit for requesting items
                              - offering 1000 players 5MU$ every week

                              As far as the map schedules, would it be possible to keep the 28 hours in between each mission but move the release times backward / forward a half day every other month?
                              That might satisfy more players in both the Eastern and Western Hemisphere time zones.
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