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Share and claim boosters here.

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  • Share and claim boosters here.

    If you are finding that all your team mates have claimed, and know that not all 15 available from the posts have been claimed, you can post the links in this thread for those who are having difficulties finding any posts from their team to claim.

    There are two different styles of posts, and both have different links and only 2 of each can be claimed in a rolling 24 hour period.

    the link for these boosters start ""

    the link for these boosters start ""

    To get the link to post in here, go to your wall and right click where it says "get free booster" or "Let's celebrate together" then select from the list "copy link address". Once you have done that, post the link into the reply box, press enter, repeat for any others you wish to share, then post your reply.

    If you come in here to claim boosters from links that have been shared, make sure you send back the scatter to the person who posted the link.

    Posts will be removed from this thread to keep more recent (and therefore not likely to be over or out of date) links highly visible to all.

    Please do not post the links from the fan page, share them to your wall instead.
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    Here is how non-heart boosters appear -- and remember if you use timeline remover - you need to uncheck it to see some of your posts from games because whenever new games appear they don't have all the data yet so your posts appear

    if you click on any of the comments it will bring up a box that shows the posts and the dates of the posts actually

    My heart boosters on my wall are all single posts and are not lumped together at all ..............

    here is a screen shot of my heart booster posts on my timeline

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