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    After being swept away in a blue swirl of technomagic, Carmen first lands here in Greece. And so our story begins in the Hellenistic world… where there be gods just as there are men, and immortal heroes imbued with the traits of both! Carmen encounters all this and more in the land of olives and the radiant sun… unfortunately, it’s Greece’s radiant sun-god Helios whose evil schemes have brought Carmen to the Mediterranean paradise! Luckily, she can learn a thing or two from the epic heroes she accompanies in order to vanquish the baddest villain of all time!

    Complex pyramids, angry mummies and scorching heat… oh my! Carmen must brave all these and more as she walks like an Egyptian through the blazing deserts and mesmerizing cities of this land! Above all else, Egypt is frequented by the sunworshippers, Helios’s faction of evil-doers bent to his will. Can Carmen chase these baddies from the sands of time for good? With a little help from her many powerful allies, of course she can!

    Before there was history, before there was time, there was… dinosaurs? Dinosaurs! And cavemen, strange vegetation and all kinds of natural wonders are to be seen throughout prehistory! With volcanoes spewing hot lava and sabre-tooths running rampant, Carmen must use every survival tool in her repertoire to save the most distant past from villainous control!

    Ancient tradition and futuristic enginuity combine in the most brilliant of ways in the land of the rising sun! On this archipelago, throughout the many eras of Japanese history, Carmen encounters everything from moon goddesses to samurai warriors to CosPlay nerds… and, with her own past knowledge and progressive thinking, must protect them all from the many monsters menacing Japan!

    Like a hero out of a Nordic saga, Carmen struggles against the blustery winds and white-out blizzards of Scandinavia! But within these frigid lands lie wonderous sights to behold, including Yggdrasil, mythic realm of the Viking gods! Equipped with the warmest of clothes and armed with a wit as sharp as an icicle, even the frost giants cannot hinder Carmen from keeping peace in the icy north!

    In a time when art and architecture, science and literature flourish, Carmen becomes a luminous mastermind of infiltration and decryption! Whether traversing European capitals or plunging into the mind of a literary genius, Carmen knows how to shed light on the shadow of villainy and corruption creeping into the age of new discovery! Let there be enlightenment!

    Underwater Worlds
    Life is much better, down where its wetter, under the sea! Well… ok… maybe not that much better. There’s still a whole lot of danger and evil lurking in the ocean’s depths, perils which Carmen has taken it upon herself to dispatch! So many mysteries lie below the waves, who knows what will turn up! There’s only one thing to do down in the abyss… just keep swimming!

    Tales and Legends
    Ever seen those kid’s shows where people jump into storybooks or paintings? Well, Carmen’s book allows her to do that, too! She can easily whisk herself off to any and all of your favorite childhood fairy tales, legendary epics and fantasy novels! Is it magic? No, it’s technomagic! Though magic is certainly a force deeply at work in these mystic worlds, and is not always used for the greater good! It’s up to Carmen, wand at the ready, to ensure a happily-ever-after-all!

    Mayas, Incas, Aztecs and more! The pre-columbian civilizations made amazing strides in solving the mysteries of time and space. And Carmen can learn much from them! But beyond the borders of their great cities lie vast swathes of jungle, mountains and treacherous terrain to explore! You never know what may be hiding behind the next waterfall or through the next patch of undergrowth... In the jungle, there’s only one thing to expect, and that’s the unexpected!

    Yo ho ho! Cap’n Carmen knows there be nothin’ like a plunge from the plank to get yer blood pumpin’! Though ye best be believin’ there be pirates beyond those plunderin’ the seven seas! Aye… pirates be takin’ over the sky now, too! Whether the wench be haulin’ sails on the waves or through the clouds, Cap’n Carmen knows how to get the booty and protect pirate-kind near and fa-arrrrr!

    Blast off to the final frontier! Space is vast and largely unexplored; you never know what you might discover out there, in some galaxy far, far away. But watch out, space is also crawling with time-traveling mega villains! If that doesn’t scare you, then with millions (if not billions) of whacky planets just waiting for an adventurer like you, there’s only one thing left to say: Beam me up, Carmen!

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