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  • Can't request keys

    I am not getting keys. When I receive a key request from a friend, I make note of the name and attempt to ask for a key in return. However, when I type their name in, it does not show them as a friend nor can I find their name on the list when I go through it manually. I currently have one key and have sent back two key requests. I know these are friends of mine so how can I send a request to them.

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    Hi folamix and welcome to the forum

    Some levels are designed to encourage us to invite new players to the game. When this happens, we can't ask anyone who is on our team already for the keys. If you do not wish to invite new players (for whatever reason), you can wait two to three days for Carmen to give you the keys you require.

    If you are not on one of these levels, please let me know.

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