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    I was on the other ooblada page, (, and I was looking at the riddle stones screen shots when I noticed there was a chat bubble on the top right, where you find your info on gems, lives, mailbox ect. What is that icon for?? All I see on my game is from left to right, # of gems, # of lives, mailbox, the cards icon that takes you to game chapters, the treasure to view the ones you have earned, the invite friends link ,and the like page. I linked a pic of the page I was looking at, I hope I did it right. Just want to know what the chat bubbles are for?
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    Hi Moonbaby,

    That chat bubble would bring you to the forum. I hadn't noticed that it had disappeared, it's gone from mine too. I can't remember when the last time is that I saw it in game. I also have the forum bookmarked, so don't tend to use the in game link either.

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