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  • Not enough time

    I am stuck on the Main Quest level "Welcome To The Jungle". On one of the final grids there is a timer. Despite knowing where all the correct squares are there is not enough time to select them all before the time runs out. I can barely get half of it done. The timer does not freeze like on other timed grids.

    Is there a way round this or has it been designed so no further progress can be made without puchasing boosters etc?

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    Hi Mark and welcome to the forum.

    There's actually quite a few ways we can get boosters without purchasing them outright.

    1. From the fan page
    2. Having them sent to you by team mates from the in game pop up.
    3. Some players are also able to ask team mates for boosters from a different in game pop up (as far as I know this is still in the beta phase).
    4. When a team mate beats our time or passes us in the game they get the opportunity to send a booster
    5. Collecting and sending back from game posts, information on that is here:

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