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  • Stuck need help

    Help please or at least tell me why when I click 'Continue' I do not,
    I am on Level 180 of Battle for the Ages, have now done it twice and cannot go any further and it does not tell me why,
    can anyone on here tell me what to do,
    thank you.

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    Have you done all the bonus levels yet?

    If you have completed all of Season 2 then you have lots of Bonus levels to do at this time - if you have enough stars to unlock the levels that is

    here you can see where you click for the bonus levels and how to switch between those in Season 1 and Season 2 - there are also bonus levels on Legendary Level as well


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      Thank you, found the Bonus Episode 1 and have only done 1 of them, so have I got to do all of these to get any further ?
      I am sure I have got to 180 in both Showdown Atlantopolis and Hero all Times,
      will have a go at the bonus games, thank you for help.


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        As you scroll them Ann they will unlock and it will tell you how many stars are needed for the next level if you don't have enough so don't worry


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          Thanks think I understand, if I need any more help will let you know,
          thanks again