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  • Boosters Explanations

    Time Freezer
    Need more time to solve a grid or gain the third star you desperately seek? Then the Time Freezer is just what you need! Use it to stop time like Chronos himself! You can even use several of them at once to stack the effects, giving you more and more time to complete the grid!

    Health Kit
    Darn it! Your health is running low... but don't panic! The Health Kit is here: use it to regain ALL your health and feel much better in just one click!

    Solver Boosters
    “Oh no, this grid is so tough… Where do I start?” Very good question Riddlers! Fortunately we have a solution for you! Better than that, we have 4 different boosters to help you progress on a grid!

    - The Scatter solver, to reveal a random group of correct squares.

    - The Row solver, to reveal an entire row on a grid.

    - The Column solver, to reveal an entire column on a grid.

    - The Area solver, to reveal an area of the grid.

    Shield Booster
    Ever wanted to be invicible? With the Shield, such a dream is now within your grasp! Activate it to avoid being harmed by traps. No, it won´t last forever, but it´s a good start!
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