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Game's Basics

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  • Game's Basics

    • In each row and column of a grid you find the number of correct squares.

    In this example the first row has 3 correct squares, the second one has 5 of them, as does the third one, and so on. You can also notice that the columns have the same pattern as the rows.

    So as you certainly guess the right answer is:

    You will often encounter several groups of numbers in the same row or column. Like the second and third columns of this example:

    It means that there is at least 1 square between the first group of correct squares (the 3) and the second one (the 1). So the answer is:

    • If you click on a wrong square you lose some Health. If you lose all your health you have to restart the grid entirely.

    Your Health is symbolized by the heart at the top left hand corner of the grid.

    • Sometimes when you reveal a correct square you find Food on it. Click on the food to restore some of your health.

    Once discovered the food does not disappear off the grid, so you can click on it when you want.
    Some examples of foods:

    • A last element is also very important to notice : the time limit!

    Most of the grids are not time limited so you can take all your time to finish them. Note that you have to finish some of them quickly to unlock the 3 stars. If you take too much time you won't lose, you just won't gain all the stars.

    But some maps are time limited and if you can't manage to finish them in time you lose a life and must restart the grid.

    Remember, when you lose you don't have to restart the grid entirely if you don't want to : you can always buy a Continue. If you do so, you go back to where you have lost, regain all your Heath and gain extra time if the map was time limited.

    if you need more time for a grid, there is a booster to help you! It's called the Time Freezer and it's quite handy to grab the third star you desperately want or finish a grid in time!
    Find all the info about the Time Freezer and the other boosters HERE!

    • Finally, here are the game’s hotkeys:

    - Press the space bar to switch between X and V. You can use the selected one with the left-click button of your mouse.

    - Click on the right button of your mouse to directly use the X on a square.

    - When you are on the map selector screen, use the left and right arrows of your keyboard to scroll through the Cards. By pressing the ENTER button you will automatically insert the Card into the book cover.
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    What happens when I switch to the x key? how does it help me?


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      i use the X to mark squares that can't/should not be filled in. eg in the 3rd example above from Ross, 2nd and 4th columns had 3 and 1.
      that means 3 squares, then 1 square. i can use the X to make the 4th square in the 2nd and 4th column. hope that helps


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        When you use the X you can easily look to see where the colored blocks should go or not go like in the screen shot below