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Gifted lives are no gift

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  • Gifted lives are no gift

    Why can't I use the lifes that are gifted to me. I am forced to accept them at the beginning of the game, and then if I already have 5 lives, I am unable to use the one I was gifted after using the first 5.
    This makes me want to give up on a game that is otherwise really fun.

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    Hi v71 and welcome to the forum.

    We can only hold 5 lives at a time, we also are not allowed to stockpile lives for "later". Both of these things are the way the game is programmed. To get around these things, I find the best strategy is to send out lives from the pop up before I start playing to people who are around (and preferably playing at the time), then go and use the 5 lives I start with. Once I've used those, I open my Message Center and claim up to 5 lives of the ones that were sent back to me. I just keep repeating this cycle and I am able to play for quite some time.

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      We can only hold 5 lives at a time, we also are not allowed to stockpile lives for "later"


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        Originally posted by vaytiennhanh View Post
        We can only hold 5 lives at a time, we also are not allowed to stockpile lives for "later"
        No you are not allowed to stockpile lives - 5 lives is the maximum number of lives allowed in the game.

        Facebook requires the developers to keep notifications cleared off on Facebook side so that they don't become stale and bog down facebook's notification system. What happens is 2 fold - 1 you gain to many notifications which can result in the following happening

        1) Facebook does a mass delete of ALL of your notifications regardless of what games you play - they don't care - they just delete all notifications on your account

        2) you start accepting lives and you come across what we call "Dead" notifications - meaning they have expired - this is not the fault of the developers of the games but the fault of the players that hold on the notifications to long --

        What happens in both cases is has follows:
        Some players (and not saying you are one of them) go to the developers asking that the lives be restored because they didn't get them - which normally doesn't happen because the player held on to the notifications to long and had more than the allotted notifications on facebook system.

        The Developers of Riddles Stones is trying to prevent either from happening - not saying it won't happen to you because of other games that you play and if you hold on to notifications to long that Facebook won't clean out all your notifications - they are doing their part as programmers to lessen that chance of it happening.

        What many of us do is has follows:

        Enter the game
        Send out 5 lives or 5 requests for lives

        Play until our lives are out -
        Hit mailbox and accept those that have come in while playing
        repeat above starting with sending out 5 more lives

        This allows us to play longer and keeps us with fresh notifications at all times.