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  • Previously in Riddle Stones

    Carmen's adventure begins with these 3 episodes:

    The Fall of the Colossus, in Greece
    Travel time in pursuit of the baddest villain in the history of history! Helios, sun god, reigns from atop his Colossus, bent on absorbing all the energy in the universe to become its supreme ruler! Destroy his effigy! It is the only way to weaken his power!

    Gods of Karnak, in Ancient Egypt
    Jump through time to restore peace to a torn land! Two factions fight for control of the temple, resting place of the great pharaoh who once united them! They seek to reclaim his headdress! Should their combat continue, they’ll destroy the ancient site! Resolve their dilemma and reunite the warriors of Karnak!

    Age of Dinosaurs, in Prehistoric Times
    The sunworshippers, a villainous faction controlled by Helios, seek a magic relic to erupt the volcano! With it, they'll wipe the world of dinosaurs and rule prehistory... and the rest of history to follow! Don't be a dinophobe, interrupt their efforts!

    August updates:

    The Treasure Gallery
    appeared (August 8)
    Now you can contemplate your treasures in full size and learn some interesting facts about them!

    New episode in Japan:
    From Fuji with Love (August 14)
    Kaguya, princess of the moon, has fallen for the emperor, and he for her. Sadly, Kaguya must depart back to her kingdom on the moon. But she’s gone missing! Find her, and ensure her destiny by escorting her to the summit of Mount Fuji!

    New episode in Scandinavia: The Rise of the Vikings (August 28)
    Chosen by the gods, A young boy is about to set out on a journey to become a great Viking warrior. And you have been chosen to be his guardian. Protect him as he travels the Nordic lands and help him gain the tools he needs to fulfill his destiny!

    September updates:

    New episode in Rome: Pursuit in Roma (September 4)

    Corruption runs rampant! A band of malicious individuals have infiltrated the Italian state under orders of Helios… and they’re headed for the Vatican. Uncover proof leading to these rogues and assure they are brought to justice!

    New episode in the Atlantic Ocean: Into the abyss (September 11)
    Now that you’re starting to understand this time travel thing, a hunch tells you it may be the key to finding the lost city of Atlantis! Follow your heart and dive into the depths of the abyss... keep an eye out for evidence of the sunken city!

    New episode in Ancient Nubia: Finding Geb (September 18)
    The sunworshippers have invaded this quiet desert town... in the chaos, a young Nubian named Geb has vanished! Chances are high he was kidnapped. His father will not rest until his son is found and returned... Be his ally on the search!

    New episode in Nordic Realms: To the 9th World and Beyond (September 25)
    After your Nubian adventures, you decided to drink the mead to celebrate your victories with the Nordic gods! But grave news interrupted the feast... a young Valkyrie vanished in the dark underworld. Make your way to the ninth realm and bring her back!

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    October updates:

    New episode in the Mediterranean: Odysseus and Carmen's Excellent Adventure (October 2)
    Troy has fallen and Odysseus has departed for home. Gods and monsters hinder his trek! Accompany him! Without your help, he may never return.

    New episode in Broceliande: Merlin Matters (October 9)
    Merlin is being held captive by the malicious Morgan le Fey! It's up to you to save the great wizard... or Broceliande will fall under a reign of darkness!

    New episode in Atlantopolis: Showdown in Atlantopolis (October 16)
    The sun worshippers followed you into the sunken city to find a powerful technomagic device! The same magic which submerged Atlantis millenia ago! Beat them to it or they'll sink the world!

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      Season 2

      New episode on Yucatan Peninsula: Welcome to the Jungle (November 20)
      A voice awakens you from the darkness. The Mayan king rescued you. He needs you to search history for the remaining twelve technomagic devices. Save the world, one technomagic device at a time!

      New episode in Japan: Gangs of Tokyo (December 4)
      Word has gotten out that a Yakuza gang holds one of the technomagic crystal devices in their possession! Summon your inner ninja to infiltrate the dangerous underworld of modern Tokyo and recover the powerful artefact!

      New episode in the Paleolithic Era: It's a Caveman's World (January 1)
      Two tribes war over the same territory! Meanwhile, a crystal-napping sabertooth stalks the tribal hunting grounds! The cavemen need your help to find a new home and resources safe from their enemies!

      New episode on Uncharted Island: Captain Carmen's Untold Stories (January 22)
      A famous pirate be havin’ a quest fer ye! Pinkbeard’s gotten wind of a crystal hidden on the island and some coded stone blockin’ her way! She be needin’ yer help to crack open the entrance and get the treasure inside!

      New episode in the Time of Legends: A Curse Upon Camelot (February 12)
      The Holy Grail is gone! In the wake of its loss, the realm of the Fisher King, where once the relic was housed, has fallen under a terrible curse... You must find the Grail before Camelot too succumbs to this dreadful affliction!

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        New episode in Alexandria: A Call to Alexandria (March 3)
        Cleopatra summoned you here, knowing you seek the thirteen crystal treasures. She heard of a crystal lamp long hidden within one of her city's impressive monuments! Find the artefact, leaving no wonder left unsearched until you do!

        New episode in Shakespeare's mind: The Rescue of Shakespeare's Genius (March 26)
        Helios placed a crystal to absorb the creative energy in the center of Shakespeare's mind - where he conceived Romeo and Juliet! Traverse his plays, inspiring their plots to reveal this dangerous eighth technomagic crystal, then remove it!

        New episode in Kyoto: The Three Samurai Prophecy (April 16)
        It's all out chaos at Japan's capital city! Within its embattled walls lies a crystal treasure, which will reveal to three samurai what they must do to reunite the country. Get the crystal and show them their path! Japan's future is in your hands!

        New episode in the Sky: Power to the Sky Pirates (May 7)
        A technomagic crystal has been detected! It resides in the generator which powers the floating city, but only materializes during a storm! Weather the perils of The Sky to recover this crystal!

        New episode in Fairytale Land: The Princess and the Crystal (May 28)
        According to legend, Cinderella cherishes a technomagic crystal! Only the one who fulfills the fairy tale endings has the right to request her most precious possession! Off you go, Riddler!

        New episode in El Dorado: The Sacred Kings of El Dorado (June 18)
        The King has come of age to marry. The city hosts a competition to elect the most intrepid woman as queen! And the wedding present is one of the Crystals! Win that royal contest and seek the technomagic prize!

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          New episode on Planet Crysta: The Greatest Hero of All Times (July 9)
          The 12 Crystals led you here and now's your chance! Stop Helios before he discovers the most powerful technomagic artefact, and reboot history without his control!

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