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    I wish that when you receive free lives from friend that you get them even if you have full lives. It seems whenever I receive free lives at the beginning of the round when I have full life already, they disappear and I can't get them back.

    Is there anything you can do or tell me what to do in order to get them back?

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    Hi Chris and welcome to the forum.

    Sorry, this is the way the game is programmed. The developers are well aware of the fact that many players would appreciate being able to hold onto a few lives "for later". The unfortunate thing is that there would be a small number of players who accumulate so many of them that they end up with dead requests on the Facebook side, renedering holding onto them useless.

    The good news is that there is a way around this limitation of the game. Before starting any of the levels, send out lives to people who are around (and preferably playing) at the same time as you. Once you've done that, go and use the original 5 lives that you have, after all of those are gone you can open your messages and claim up to 5 that have been sent back to you. Before starting again, send out more lives. Using this method I can over an hours play depending on how badly I stuff up and how many of my team mates are actually able to send lives back.

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