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please stop awful timed levels and 1 click losing

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  • please stop awful timed levels and 1 click losing

    hi, a while back you asked players for feedback for improving the game,, so many of us posted about the super short timed levels, and the 1 click you lose boards.. (a new season would be nice too) i happily spend money on games i like,, but seriously..until there is a new season, and a bit more fairness, in loosing lives or a board i wont on this one..

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    While there are people who don't like the timed games, there are also those of us who do like them. Timed games aren't in as often as untimed, and they are part of the game. There are going to be aspects like this, and any game, that some players won't like but won't change because other players do like them. Personally, I'm yet to find a timed grid that's been "impossible" to complete within the limit given for quite some time. Improbable, yes, but not impossible.

    The new Season is going to happen, I don't know when though as release dates aren't given to us. I do know that the release of mobile versions is currently the priority with the development team.

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