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why does the game say "need new team members invite friends"

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  • why does the game say "need new team members invite friends"

    its not like you can ask specific friends that you know play regularly for lives boosters...etc the game picks them there is no team per se, it would be great if you did like other apps, and could earn daily boosters,,i might actually spend money again on it,,

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    you can always uncheck those that you know don't play these type of games and not send them requests - this goes for lives (I personally like to send lives from the side before I enter the grid over the pop up)

    Everyone has chances to get boosters daily actually it depends on their teammates clicking the Send booster button when they pass them on the leaderboard or map

    Plus if your teammates publish the one with the share (present) you can grab boosters there

    I have a team of roughly 100 teammates not all play daily and I get boosters daily from them passing me on the leaderboard or map and often if I wish am able to grab boosters from the wall (when I am not at the max of 99 boosters for all types) I tend not to use boosters until I have already solved a grid so my boosters tend to build up actually