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game saying update flash

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  • game saying update flash

    I go to play and it says if not loading right to update flash but mine is updated. Why and how do i fix it so i can play again?????????????????

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    can you tell me what versions of the following plugins you have

    shockwave flash (this is your flash player)

    Shockwave for director or shockwave player


    also what operating system and browser version you are using


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      i have shockwave flash and java the system and browser im not sure wha that even is


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        the browser you use is like chrome, internet explorer, firefox, etc - to find the version number you normally click on help then about on the browser

        The Operating system you are on - if you right click on My computer and then properties it will tell you that information

        your shockwave flash or flash player is the player that you use - to find out the version you are using you can easily find it

        click on my computer - then click on add/remove programs - it will tell you the version number to the far Right - after size
        doing it this way it will be listed as follows

        Adobe Flash player
        Adobe shockwave player

        Java -- it will tell you version number and update number in the name

        But we really need the information that you have cause each system is different and windows 7 is different than windows xp or windows 8 and can't really troubleshoot what is going on other than to tell you to update all 3

        without the info and to run windows update and make sure your computer is up to date as well