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  • Guessing

    Love this game ! Not overly impressed with the 5 lives limit. But the part that really gets me is when the puzzle is more of a guessing game than a logic game. I cannot afford to buy boosters to fill in the blanks. I do love the ones that play on accuracy and logic..

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    Thank you for sharing your feeling about the game! About the guessing aspect of Riddle Stones, it is part of the gameplay we want to offer to our players. We don't want to provide "just another" picross game. That is why the random aspect of the grids and the fact that you will often find several solutions are made on purpose. It gives all the interest of having Health Points and Boosters.

    It is another kind of logic, another gaming experience, that demands practice and patience. In Riddle Stones you have to take some risks and choose the safest way to finish the grids. So to help players to adapt this kind of gameplay, we give each week free boosters on the fan page. Don't forget to take advantage of them, it will really help you progress
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