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    Some of these levels in riddle stones are totally unfair. You can only win some (especially these new second season bonus levels) through sheer luck. And you can only make two mistakes without totally losing.

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    Hi Hannah and welcome to the forum.

    With a lot of the ones you are talking about it comes down to working out the start point, from there it's logic or 50/50 chance. The hard part is working out the start point, the next is making sure I don't click on the wrong square. I have a habit of killing all my lives on the one grid, usually I've sent out some to my team mates already and that means I've got more to kill off pretty much straight away lol

    You can use boosts such as the shield to protect yourself from wrong moves, or the scatter to get you started too. Boosts are available from your team mate's posts, information on that is here: they are also posted regularly on the fan page, you may be able to watch videos to get them, and there is a thread in the forum in which players share their posts to help out those who have issues finding them through their team mates.
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