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    Why is it that friends can send me lives, but I can't save them up to use when I need them. I get lives over night and when I get back on, it shows I received lives but I can't use them because my lives have replenished themselves. Also, it takes 30 minutes for 1 life, seriously? Most games take 5 minutes to replenish a life. I would play this game more than once a day if the lives received and replenished were more reasonable. I would also recommend this game more with these changes.

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    Right now the game isn't programmed for us to be able to hold onto lives in our messages, also 30 minutes is actually about the average wait period for a life to replenish in many games. The amount of time it takes to fully replenish all lives in the game does allow for players to do things away from the computer.

    What I do to maximise the amount of lives I can use in one sitting is send lives to team mates who are online and playing at the same time as I am, that way when they use up their lives they can send back the ones I have sent them and by the time I finish using up the lives I start with, I usually have 5 more in my Message Center.

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