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    Originally posted by Amy Titus Ice View Post
    When I ask friends for LIVES it sends a request for KEYS everytime!!! So frustrated!!! Also any news on if this is going to be available as a mobile app?
    Hi Amy and welcome to the forum.

    There's an issue with the latest version of shockwave causing only key requests to show up in the messages. While you are getting all the other messages (they just don't appear in the Message Center) they are being added to your game. Lives won't add to your total unless you have less than 5 in total. If you want to see the rest of your requests, you can roll back your shockwave player. Information on how to do that is here:

    They are working on the mobile app, however a release date is not yet available.

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      I can play this game for hours - LOVE IT! But, I have gone as far as as I can go on the main quest, and am stuck unless I can recruit non-players to give me keys on the Legendary quest. I can still enjoy replaying levels, which brings me to my suggestions.

      * it would be great to see an indication of the game board sizes, and whether they will be timed games, before playing the level.. maybe a little pop-up when you hover over it

      * currently the stars are awarded for speed - but many of us don't want to rush. Another reward for a perfectly played game would be a nice goal to strive for while repeating levels

      thank you


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        Carmen will send you keys after a couple of days if your team mates don't send you keys actually - however -- I will say this -

        You have to be using an approved browser -- i.e. a browser the game is programmed in

        Chrome, IE 8,9, 10, 11, Firefox (most current) and Safari (the one available to the mass public)

        Any of the clones may work - however, I am not sure you will get keys from Carmen from using those browsers --


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          When I am playing a game I want to actually play the game. I will play for long periods of time without using any 'helpers'. With that premise, I would like to say that having lots of puzzles that don't actually make a picture of something is less than fun for me. I get down to multiple rows with only one block left to fill and no way to logically select one is extremely frustrating. I don't want someone else (the helpers) to tell me where things go, I want to be able to figure it out on my own. My suggestion to help solve this problem would be to have all of the puzzles actually create a picture of something. Also ALL puzzles should be logically solvable, without having to use the helpers.