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issues with receiving lives

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  • issues with receiving lives

    If I get a gift in the mailbox. it is gone it is every time i get a live?

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    Hi Sophie and welcome to the forum.

    Firstly, I need to tell you that reviving threads is against the rules of the forum and I have given you your own thread. The thread you posted in is old and we have dealt with that issue.

    What I would like you to do is start with some basic trouble shooting, as set out in the Trouble Shooting Manual

    If that doesn't fix the issue then we will move onto other possible options. We will need to know the following information:
    Your Operating System
    The browser you are using (including full version number)
    The full version numbers you have of the following programs:
    Adobe Shockwave
    Adobe Flash

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      I would also like to get a screen shot of what you are doing? are you trying to save lives? (i.e. go over the maximum of 5 allowable lives) Saving lives in the game is not allowed - not even in the mailbox