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  • Adobe Flash Player Unsupported?

    I have a popup banner on my Treasure Madness URL that is this: This site uses a plugin (Adobe Flash Player) that will soon be unsupported. I am using Chrome as my browser. Does this only apply to Chrome? Help!! I want my Treasure Madness to continue.

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    Oleta - this is NOT Treasure Madness but I will answer your question here -- so next time you have a question pertain to Treasure Madness please make sure you post in the correct forum!!

    1) ANY banner ad you see is just that an Ad - and to be honest with you - they are there because of Facebook ads -- some may be good - but anything that has to do with plugins like Shockwave, Flashplayer, Java - are normally just MALWARE -- yes that is totally correct the people that say they try to keep you safe - Facebook - is actually getting paid by those that put out Malware, Spyware, and Viruses. Isn't that wonderful to know that Facebook makes money off giving people Viruses and helping others steal their identity?? it happens all to frequently in the real world

    2) You should NEVER update your computer from a link on a banner ad period. You should always go directly to the website to update

    java or adobe - they both have their own websites and are very easy to update from actually

    This would go for any program you are updating, even say if it was quicken books - you want to go directly to the website itself and update - not to some other site to do an update -- doing things this way will save yourself and your computer

    3) Chrome has it's own built in flash player - so no need to update flash in chrome to begin with -

    Remember if you click on a link and you get a virus, malware or spyware you can spend hours of your time trying to fix the issue or you can take it to someone and spend lots of $$$ trying to get it fixed - not to mentioned you have no idea what information of yours they have. It's always best to err on the side of caution than to click on any banner for the plug ins or anything you are not familiar with.