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    is there some way to change the lives to more than 5, i get some given to me and if i already have 5 i cant save them for later , other than that i am obsessed with this game , love it , i am always having to ask for lives , when i should have some saved ,, please please change this
    thank you

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    Welcome to the forum Donna,

    As has been said many times already. This is not a bug, we can only hold 5 lives at a time.

    The game is currently programmed so that when we close our message center it automatically clears, the reason for this is to prevent people from overstocking to the point that they have dead requests on the Facebook side. When this happens, Facebook goes through and deletes them for you and they don't care if they get requests from games that you are actively playing, never installed, or how old the requests are.

    The best thing you can do is work with the current restrictions we have in place. Asking for lives only gets you lives, but if you send lives from the in game pop up the people you send them to can send them back too. I like to send to people who are online (and most of the time playing too) at the same time as I am prior to starting any of the grids. After I've sent lives, I'll go and play, by the time I've finished using them I usually have another 5 that have been returned sitting in my Message Center.

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