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    If i don't accept my messages in the mailbox they disappear. If someone sends me a heart but i don't need it at the moment it won't let me save the message to use later. We should be able to save that message to use when we need the extra life instead of losing it.

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    Most games like this DO NOT allow you to save your lives - in fact Most games auto-open your message center for you when you start the game and if you don't need the lives all the lives are lost -

    Yes there is 1 game that I know allows you to save lives - HOWEVER it is NOT all the lives that your team mates send to you - it is only a set amount each day - any number over and above that amount you lose actually - so please don't bother going there and saying all other games allow this because they don't

    They also do not allow you to send more than 1 life to a team mate in a 24 hour period

    They only allow you 1 booster or bonus in a 24 hour period

    Here your team mates can keep sending you lives when they enter the game until their allotted number of sends for the day is up -- once that allotted number is up they can no longer send

    you can also collect up to 4 boosters from your team mates wall - 2 of the boosters with hearts in the lower left hand corner and 2 without the hearts in the lower left hand corner