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  • Is help coming?

    It's been 2 weeks now that we can't forward our excess hp to friends. I've been hearing that they're "fixing it". Every day for the last 2 weeks, it's "going to be fixed". Is it really? Also, it seems that TM has become increasingly greedy. It costs more to get mu$, there is NO "are you sure" button to keep people from accidentally clicking on things they don't need (I see so many people complaining about that, & I've done it myself by just bumping my mouse & accidentally clicking on something I didn't want/need). It would seem that TM could solve that problem, but the only reason they don't is greed. Equipment sales are only 30% off instead of 50%. More greed. If this is a business, it would appear that it is being run into the ground, & will be out of business soon. More & more of my friends are leaving. Very few new people seem to be joining. Will any of these issues be solved, or will TM be going out of business?