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    for the past two days I've been trying to reset my password, I can't seem to get the right one, I've done the reset over and over and over trying to get how to reset it to my email, but NO email shows up. I've now had to create a new account just to get in to post this in the forum.... User name: krystle h - email [email protected] is what I'm trying to RESET.... can someone help with this, i'd like to continue using the forum with that account... not having to start over!!


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      As far as I know there is no way to reset the password -- I had someone ask about this yesterday actually

      Let me see if there is anyway to get it done for you though


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        it has a place to click if you can't remember your password, and it has you enter your email and then put a picture together and then it says it will send you an email (not sure if it retrieves it or has you enter a new one) but either way, it's never sent me an email!! Thank you, i'll wait to hear back


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          ARGGG... lol ok - got in! I know I'd tried this passwork MULTIPLE times, oh well, whatever happened i'm back in now (and wrote it down!!)
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          Independence Day Quill pen of theDeclaration of Independence
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          THANKS for checking!!


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            Glad you got back in

            You, my dear, really underestimate my level of psycho. Keep going, I dare you.

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              Whenever I try to post, I am asked to log in, even though I had just logged in. I end up refreshing the page and logging in again. Then I can post and when I post again in another thread, I am asked to log in again. It seems I am kicked out after every post. I get the following notice:

              You do not have permission to perform this action. You must be logged in.


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                Strange that you are getting that Otter mom-

                I would say make sure you have your plugins current and up to date - you don't need flash for the forum but you do need the other but you should still make sure it's up to date

       - also go to your add/remove programs and make sure you delete any old java updates there

                remember that the connect button doesn't work well with Internet Explorer if at all - I know sometimes it works on Internet Explorer - but it's hit and miss - facebroke broke it a long time ago and has yet to fix it for the developers of the different games

                So the best browsers to use for the forum would be Firefox or Chrome


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                  I have been using Firefox. I will check on the updates. Thanks!


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                    Your welcome and with Firefox there is an easy way to do it actually without pulling up all 3 plugins just click on tools - then add ons - then plugins - then click the hotlink at the top that says check to see if my plugins are up to date - it doesn't catch all of them - but catches the major plugins that games uses and what players should update for their computers


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                      Thanks a lot!! Hopefully that is all that is needed.


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                        you are welcome and now time for a power nap