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    Hi I just recently bought 100 gems with a deal you had for $8.00 a few days ago and every time I log on the gems seem to disappear. Last time I was on, I had 56 gems. I haven't used them to buy help, life savers, or anything on the game. When I logged in again, I had 12 gems. Should have been 56. While playing the game, I experienced technical difficulty with the game so I restarted my Ipad then since it did not help, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game on my Ipad. After reinstalling the game, all of my gems were gone and there weren't any more to use to buy any lives or helps. I haven't spent any of my 56 gems that were left and it already went to zero without me doing anything with it. I have noticed this was consistent other times. Please tell me I didn't waste my money on this. Very disappointed.

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    Hi Annie and welcome to the forum,

    Have you reconnected your game with Facebook yet? To my knowlege once you have done this your gems on the ipad will be restored as this will restore the game data you had originally.

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