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  • game not working

    Can anyone tell me why I haven't been able to play Riddlestones for 2 days? the page appears to load, and then when I try to play a level it tells me something has gone wrong, please reload. when I do, I have lost a life, but then I get same message. really frustrating, because its the first (& last, & usually somewhere in the middle) game I play

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    can you please provide me with the following information

    What is your current browser and version - you can find this by clicking on help then about (browser name)

    What is your current version of Flashplayer - full numbers please

    What is your current version of Shockwave player if you have it installed -- Full version please

    What is your Java version and update number if you have it installed

    What Operating system are you using? Windows XXX - Max (OSX version or name) ??

    Most times issues like that are caused by something being out of date on your computer or your settings have changed somehow on your computer (my son loved to change mine) So Let's try this first and we can see if things are up to date before we check on settings


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      thanks BarbE. I play on google chrome & all systems should be up to date, and no-one else plays with my computer. That being said, everything seems to be working OK this morning.thanks for replying, though


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        Sounds like it could have been a communication issue with Facebook then. However, if it happens again please let us know and give us the information BarbE requested. If you need help finding it, just ask we'll do our best to talk you through that

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