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Internet Explorer Users - Please Read !!

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  • Internet Explorer Users - Please Read !!

    Internet Explorer Users Please Read

    Microsoft Made an announcement recently that will affect the security of your browser -

    Those on XP - You will have no choice but to use a different browser at this time - Firefox or Chrome - However - remember - XP is already defunct as it no longer receives security updates and your computer is already at risk.

    Windows Vista - If I remember correctly - couldn't upgrade past IE 9 -- So they will also have to switch to a different browser - Firefox or Chrome as IE will put their computer at risk

    Windows Vista - Support will end 4/11/2017 --

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    Please note: Microsoft have now brought forward the end date of Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 to January 12, 2016. This is when you will get the last secure update for these browsers.

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